Every election is determined by people who can show up to vote at the polling booth.

Unfortunately, sometimes people miss out on voting due to them living far away from their registered district. People can’t be expected to travel long distances just to vote as it either involves losing a hefty amount of money, or a lot of time.

Depending on a person’s location it may take 3-4 days for a round trip and most people can’t afford to miss these many days. When people weigh their time and the task of voting, they often consider their time to be more precious, and end up not voting. 

SpiceJet Airlines

To dissolve this dilemma, SpiceJet has come up with a tempting offer. SpiceJet is providing free tickets to people who want to cast their votes in the upcoming Delhi Elections, but are unable to do so because they are away from home.

Details About The Free Tickets

In a Twitter post, SpiceJet stated,

No Obstacle is big enough to stop us from being a part of our great democracy. Introducing #SpiceDemocracy. If you are a registered voter in Delhi, fly back home with SpiceJet and cast your vote.”

According to SpiceJet’s website, people can avail of this offer until 8 February 2020. 

The interested participants must be registered voters in Delhi. To be eligible for free tickets, one should also become a registered user on the SpiceJet website. 

Other requirements include making a post on social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) that highlights the reason behind “What inspires you to vote in Delhi Assembly Elections” with the hashtag #SpiceDemocracy. Participants are also advised to ask their friends and followers to like and share this post.

The participants who are shortlisted will then need to reserve a roundtrip to Delhi. The date of departure and the date of return should be February 7-8, 2020 and February 8-9, 2020 respectively. People who have been selected for the initiative will be notified through email and SMS on February 6, 2020.

For a one-way ticket, the date of departure is February 7, 2020. If it’s a return flight, then the date of return should be February 9, 2020. 

The shortlisted candidates will then board the flight to Delhi and cast their vote. Afterwards, they have to post a selfie on their social media accounts with their inked finger symbolizing that they have indeed casted their vote. 

Then, at the airport they need to get verified at the check-in counter and collect the boarding pass. The last step is to share the entire experience.

Shortlisted candidates who follow all the steps properly will get a full refund of their entire round trip.

SpiceJet has also made it clear that only the base fare of air tickets will be borne, but the other expenses such as surcharges, taxes, etc will be paid out of the winners’ pockets.

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A Way To Spice Up Social Media

The words SpiceJet and flight delay have been spoken together way too many times. SpiceJet was also in the news for the data breach of 1.2 million passengers. Hopefully, this move by SpiceJet brings them some goodwill. 

Comedian Kunal Kamra has made Indigo’s name come up on social media threads quite often. Perhaps, SpiceJet needed a trending hashtag of its own. People have praised this advertising style on Twitter and expressed their enthusiasm to vote.


Still, some Twitter users pointed out the SpiceJet’s hypocrisy. On one hand, it’s preaching about democracy, but on the other hand, it has banned Kunal Kamra when he exercised his democratic right to freedom of expression. 


Some people are skeptical about this initiative as it asks for their social media handles. According to them, the advertisement is just a way to pry into people’s social media accounts and gain information about them.

Some netizens are also suspicious of SpiceJet trying to influence the elections as the shortlisted candidates will be decided by SpiceJet and they are afraid that only people who support the same party as SpicJet will win the free tickets.

Regardless of these cons, it’s still a great opportunity for people who want to be a part of the Delhi Elections, and are only hindered by their location. 

Now you can’t give the excuse of residing someplace else as the reason for not voting. If you aren’t voting, you’re choosing to neglect your duty as a citizen of this country. Therefore, I’d suggest everyone to benefit from this opportunity by becoming a part of this initiative, and show up on election day.

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Sources: India Today, Times Of India, The Hindu

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