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Sovereign Dog Training School – Nurturing Better Pets For A Post-COVID-19 World


Lockdown, in wake of COVID-19, has brought pets and their owners closer than ever. As the society gets accustomed to the new normal, our pets are trying hard too, to adapt to the world that is changing every single day. Now with the Unlocking 0.1 underway, while you are getting ready to get back to your life, as it was before Corona outbreak, have you thought about how your pet needs to be trained to adapt to the new normal? The best way to care for your pet’s mental wellbeing and to train them well for the post-COVID-19 world is to take him to the Sovereign Dog Training School. The School’s motto is “You & Your Dog deserve the best!”

The Dog Training School

Sovereign Dog Training School is a full-service dog training facility that specializes in obedience training, agility and behavior modification. The man behind this school is Sandeep Lad. Sandeep is the Training Director, Founder and Owner of the School and he possesses 18+ years of extensive and diverse experience of training dogs. He trains dogs in the privacy of a dog owner’s home/surroundings with minimal distractions and at a convenient time. Sandeep has worked with renowned dog trainers from the US, Europe, which helped him learn new techniques and keep himself updated in this field. He also attends various seminars to keep adding to his knowledge trove. Sandeep’s calm & cool approach, coupled with his patience and a good sense of humor, makes the training sessions a breeze for your pet.

Guidance & Structure

Sandeep has trained more than 1800 dogs of different breeds and has solved more than 10,000 small or and big behaviour related issues in his career. He has also educated more than 25000 pet owners. This experience has led him to develop a personalized, creative and distinguished program to motivate & stimulate your dog. The dog is trained to learn commands in a gentle, relaxed, and unhurried manner. Sandeep can train dogs of any age and breed. His training sessions are customized, enjoyable and fun for the furry friends and focus on its mental, physical and emotional stimulation. The training program contains private dog training sessions too. The main purpose of Sandeep’s training schedule is to create effective strategies to help dog owners as well as the whole family to feel comfortable and confident around their pet.

Dog Training Certifications

Sandeep is the first Indian trainer whose trained dog was adjudged “Canine Good Citizen” with a certificate from the FCI (Kennel Club of India). He is also the first Indian dog trainer whose trained dog participated in the International Sport Dog called B or BH Begleithunde – a combination of temperament & obedience tests. This is a preliminary, perquisite test for a dog, who passes it to get his/her IGP/Schutzhund titles. So, if you are interested in working the man’s best friend and train it as well, the Sovereign Dog Training School also provides comprehensive Professional Dog Training Certifications.

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