The coronavirus pandemic is still going and we are still in lockdown. Although sure, some restrictions have been lifted, but life is nowhere near to normal and it doesn’t exactly look like it will end any time soon.

In the midst of this, many people might be feeling a little trapped, whether literally in their home or just emotionally and in their mind.

The events happening around us, whether socially, politically, environmentally or any other area, are all burdening us with a very grim picture for right now.

So it was quite surprising when I came across several social media posts talking about how they had joined these crazy Facebook groups where they pretended to be really bizarre things.

From people pretending to be ants to baby boomers, it seems like nothing was off limit. People in these groups would then legitimately talk and post from the perspective of the chosen person, animal or thing resulting in some hilarious posts.

So here are some of the weirdest Facebook groups you can join to kill the lockdown or coronavirus blues:

#1. People As Ants

#2. People Pretending To Be Baby Boomers

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#3. Pretending to work at Chernobyl

A group where we pretend to work at Chernobyl

#4. Group Pretending To Be Karens

Do let us know in the comments below if there are any more such weird Facebook groups.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Vice, Times Now

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