The great Indian wedding is not just getting bigger but unique and creative in every aspect imaginable.

These days even if the wedding itself has to be small in number, people are giving their weddings a personalised twist through quality items, interesting decorations and more. One of the first places that start from is the wedding invitation, which sets the tone for the overall vibe of the wedding functions itself.

Wedding invites in India are no joke really and the founder of Pink Whistle Man (PWM), which is an award-winning boutique wedding design studio based out of Mumbai, India is an example of how to build a lucrative business out of making each wedding something truly unique.

Boutique Wedding Design Studio

ED: What is Pink Whistle Man? 


Pink Whistle Man is a multi-award-winning boutique wedding design studio. We have won 10 national/international awards in the space of creative wedding invitations.

Our USP is to create stationery that has an aesthetic as well as intelligent appeal. We cater to 2 segments of the audience.

Our personalised brand emphasises on creating something extremely unique for every couple by adapting to their design sensibilities and also making sure that the invites or stationery have a keep sake or environmental value.

On the other hand, we also have an e-commerce site for couples that are looking for something creative and semi-personalised without having to spend a huge amount. Our e-commerce website also provides add-on accessories such as welcome notes, baggage tags, favours, etc that are in sync with the invite.

ED: How did it come to be? 


From civil engineering to being a software engineer to working in marketing and consulting, I finally found my creative outlet through my company Pink Whistle Man.

During my marketing career stint, I realized that I enjoyed reinventing design communication.

So I decided to learn a bunch of design softwares on YouTube to communicate my ideas and created a cartoon series that became very popular in my company.

I gradually started designing logos and wedding cards of friends on the side and realized there was a huge gap in the market for creative wedding stationery.

I designed my own card and I started getting several requests from family and friends and the word of mouth only extended itself to external clients thereon.

Juggling between her day job, music band and designing, Pink Whistle Man gradually evolved into a fully functional business to an award-winning brand.

The founder also revealed that besides just wedding invites, they also have birthday and anniversary stationery along with stationery for other events depending on the client.

The Ranjani stated that “The idea of Pink Whistle Man is to ideally work on any project that is creatively stimulating and exciting!”

Instagram: @pinkwhistleman

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ED: How can one go about working with you for custom orders? 


I have worked with over 450 clients from 18 countries so location or physical meetings were never a priority. I do an initial call with my clients to explain the different options and packages available.

I haven’t physically met 90% of my clients, but I do occasionally have appointment based meetings for clients to come over and look at various samples.

Once we arrive at a certain working format I give them the estimated cost before we proceed.

The process of customization itself varies for every design.

Rajani also explained the meaning behind the name as “The name is nothing but a tribute to my favourite character while growing up – Mr. Pink Whistle – a colourful and delightful little magical creature who brought in an element of surprise and excitement in each and every expedition he set out on.”

Apparently, Rajani worked alone on many of her initial projects and only recently has started to expand her team.

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