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SMT is about to Enter the Singapore Market


SMT, an Answer to the Korean Waterjet Industry.

SMT, the only manufacturer of ultra-high pressure water jet nozzles and tools in Korea, is accelerating its entry to the Southeast Asian water jet market.

Founded in 1993, SMT is leading the Korean and Japanese waterjet based on its precise and advanced technology; its technology has been also recognized in Europe, where waterjet technologies are already quite developed. From 2020, it is planning to fully enter the Southeast Asian waterjet market.

SMT, whose technology of 30 years has been proven, is expected to make a huge sensation by providing agile CS and perfect solutions in Singapore, which serves as the hub of the Southeast Asian waterjet market.

SMT’s main products include ‘Diamond Orifice’ for waterjet cutting,’Diamond Fan Jet Nozzle’ used for semiconductor cleaning,'(Double)Spin Nozzle’ & ‘Cyclone Nozzle’ for general pipe cleaning, surface cleaning and heat exchange and ‘Rotating Nozzle’, water jet guns and valves for primary cleaning.

Among them, SMT Diamond water cut nozzles have 15 to 20 times higher life time compared with sapphire nozzles, even at good cut quality. By using diamond for water jet nozzles, water stream width can be minimized, directness and ultrahigh pressure achieved resulting in higher precision.

Expanding the width of the water stream(From 0° to 60°), Fan nozzles can also be used for cleaning and removal of burrs. SMT is also manufacturing Sapphire nozzles for high pressure water jet cleaning.

An official from SMT said, “SMT’s products are attracting great attention from overseas customers from countries including Japan, Italy and Taiwan for our accumulated technical capabilities and reasonable prices. Based on this, we will try to create impressive output in the Southeast Asian waterjet market as well.”

Media contact

Company: SMT

Contact: Changwon Lee

Telephone: +82 32 327 4741

Website: https://youtu.be/4_TJ972cWSw


E-mail: admin@smttool.com

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