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Bring Back The Gold: Digital Ingots Prepares for Market Upswing with Innovative Online Trading Services


With the stock market currently at a low, Gold has fallen 0.4% to $1,7807.3 an ounce with many stockholders preferring to explore different avenues of investment. According to ThinkMarkets, gold has fallen even as the equity markets have started the week with losses, however, the decline may be capped around this point by early December. 

Historically, gold has been a reliable form of investment in the most unprecedented times. Although the price of gold may be fickle, it has always maintained its value over time. Gold is a globally recognized asset in which people respect and value. 

Although the entry costs are steep, investors and financiers are highly recommended to explore buying to gold. “Every investor should have some gold in their portfolio,” notes Albert Cheng, CEO of Singapore Bullion Market Association, who sees gold increasing to $2,000 per ounce by the end of the year. Financial advisors typically recommend allocating 1% to 5% of their investment portfolio to precious metals. 

With more investors looking to stake money into precious metals, Alex Day wanted to facilitate an easy-to-use platform dedicated to investing and trading gold. He wanted to shift the idea of gold from a household novelty to a true investment asset. Anyone with small quantities of gold can share and trade their assets without requiring an education in stock trading. 

Digital Ingots makes trading gold simple, utilizing precious metals to benefit those who may be struggling with their finances. Day is committed to utilizing the latest technology to provide small quantities of gold at reasonable prices. Alongside making trading easy, they offer customers metal tokens containing one gram of gold, making it more practical to store and transport. 

With the price of gold on the rise and anxious investors left to their vices, Digital Ingots foresees gold as an asset to provide stability and use as a resource in times of financial hardship. 

“We believe that Digital Ingots has a true opportunity to democratize investing in gold and provide access to physical gold at investment grade prices,” says Day.

During a global pandemic, many people across the globe have fallen victim to unemployment or other financial fatigue. If you have any extra gold laying around your home, make sure to check out Digital Ingots for further information on how to sell and buy small portions of the world’s favorite precious metal. 

Visit Indiegogo for more information on how to support Digital Ingots.

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