They say two stars on the shoulder are better than a million in the sky. True to the core, that is what keeps young army aspirants going when everyone else their age is enjoying life and not working half as much as these future officers do.

Two stars on the shoulder are better than a million in the sky!

Every single day we see in the news ― soldiers getting martyred, families getting ripped apart, and still, these youngsters look forward to be in extremely hostile places, avenging those martyrs and serving the country. Why?

The Difference In The Mindset

While we all are whining about things that we assume are entitled to us like the parking slot in the building or the salary raise that was given to another employee, the brave hearts are preparing themselves to leave home and stay in the scorching desert or the snow clad mountains, far away from home.

If you think you are tough, join the Indian Army.

The difference in the mindset is what makes them do it. Unlike the normal people of this country, they care least about the small stuff and look at the big picture of life. The only purpose they carry is to guard the nation so that crores of families can live safely.

When everyone is sleeping or snoozing alarms, these young bloods already have put in two hours of work in their day.

“Getting enough sleep” is just a false notion for them. It is the uncontrollable thirst for action that doesn’t let them sleep at night.

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The Training They Undergo Before Joining The Forces

A normal day for an army aspirant starts with a long run and merciless workout making the body savage and the mind ready to endure the ragda of the Forces, and this happens even before the sun rises.

Followed by the workout, they turn on the hardcore nerd mode and go through not one, not two, but more than ten various areas of study – History, Geography, Mathematics, English, Military Aptitude, Reasoning, Arts, and many more things no one would expect one single person to study.

We all might have a 9 to 5 day but they never do. Their day neither starts, nor does it end – every single day counts in their preparation.

Even after an exhausting day, they still put in hours of toil because each minute in their day, the only thought they have is of the uniform.

Not only do these youngsters lose sleep, they also miss out on the fun people usually have in their early twenties. Sacrifice starts from the preparation itself.

No rest days, all days count. Mushkil Waqt, Commando Sakht!

Why I Want To Join The Forces

I share my name with the first ever recipient of the highest gallantry award in the Indian Armed Forces – the Param Vir Chakra, Major Somnath Sharma.

Major Somnath Sharma – The first ever recipient of the PVC

I have grown up listening to stories of war heroes of the Indian Army, watching the republic day all these years without missing even a single year, reading biographies of brave men who sacrificed themselves, Capt. Vikram Batra being my role model.

My copy of The Shershah of Kargil – Biography of Capt. Vikram Batra, PVC

All those stories have inspired me and prepared my mind to join the forces. Its like I have the soul of an army man who was martyred but wasn’t satisfied and wanted to serve this country even more.

The soul never lets me waste time even a second and keeps me going, preparing for my army exams and tests.

The pride that there is in serving the country, where you earn a hundred salutes a day, your pay hike is medals for bravery and the respect you get is of crores of the nation’s citizens is next to nothing.

Captain Vikram Batra’s famous quote says:

“Either I will come back after hoisting the TRICOLOR flag in the enemy lands, or I will come wrapped in one. But I promise I’ll come back.”

I’m ready to hoist the flag proudly in the enemy lands and I am also ready to come back wrapped in one my nation needs it.

Every man apart, every man an emperor – The Indian Army awaits me and other aspirants like me. Sleep safe my country, we are here to protect you. 

Jai Hind.

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