By Somnath Mallela

The Indian youth lacks two very crucial assets of the journey of success ― discipline and motivation. Sights of depression for minor things can be seen at numerous places, and demotivation is taking its toll.

The other day I went to meet a friend in a nearby café, and unintentionally over heard a couple sitting next to us. What the girl, seemingly sitting with her boyfriend, said, hit me like a bullet train and got me thinking about the mental conditions of today’s youth.

She said, to him, “I am depressed because I wasn’t allowed to go to the music concert I really wanted to!”

Okay, that might be a reason to be upset, but depression is a big word to use here. And to my belief and observation, she actually was in a state of extreme unhappiness, probably depression too!

Is Depression Becoming Trivial?

Do not sweat over the small things. If you cry for petty movies, concerts, and such small material things, you will miss out on the big picture of life. Attachment of such kind will only stop you from growing into a stronger individual.

Getting up late is a trend for many, and humorously, I am laughed upon for getting up at 4.30 every single morning. “Mujhse nahi hoga bhai!” is what I get when I urge my peers to get up early too.

But what they do not understand, like the many millions of young ladies and gentlemen getting up for brunch directly, is that it takes discipline to achieve something great in life and give a meaning to your existence in the cosmos.

And, the first step to achieve that immense amount of discipline and hence the success, is getting up early. Believe me, it takes courage to stop yourself from pressing that snooze button and get off the bed when all your body wants is a little more sleep. It takes determination to give more importance to your work than to comfort.

Compulsory Military Service

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Workout and Army Might Be Needed For The Indian Youth

Workout is a thing for body builders only, now, and seldom do young people do it just to stay healthy. Instead, what’s funny is that they try all kinds of slim milk, green tea, go on a diet and what not! Your packs are not just going to appear out of that fat belly and your butt isn’t just going to get into shape on the couch.

I strongly believe, compulsory service in the Indian Army would inculcate the discipline we need in today’s young generation. Maybe, there are other ways too, but this is one very effective way to imbibe in the youth, the two crucial aspects of success.

Let nothing hold you back. Let material things not affect you so much. Get out of your comfort zone and work like you want to build an empire, not just a small house. That is when you will grow, that is when we will grow and that is when India will grow.

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Sources: Hindustan Times, The Logical Indian

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