Disney has been producing animated films since 1938 and no other film creator has captivated our childhood as Disney has. Disney and Pixar are always looking for ways for us to see a new perspective on life. They play innocent and lively shows and that explains why Disney fans are the most loyal fans.

Below are shocking fan theories that will change the way you look at Disney movies.

Toy Story: Jessi And Andy’s Mom

Get your tissues ready because this one is a heart-breaker.

Take a closer look at Andy’s hat and Jessie’s hat. We all know Woody was Andy’s favourite toy, so why would Andy wear a hat that is a lot more similar to Jessie and not similar to that of Woody? Until it was passed to him by someone close to him.

From the song “When She Loved Me”, we know Jessie was abandoned by her owner Emily who has light-coloured hair and when she grows young she cuts her hair and even dyes them darker. And in the movie, we know Andy’s mom as Mrs. Davis and she is never called by her first name.

Putting pieces together we can say the hat is passed to Andy by his mom and her name is Emily Davis, which is within the realm of possibility.


Alladin takes place in the post-apocalyptic future.

Even though the geographic location of the land is not mentioned, but Agrabah seems fairly similar to Arabia.

When Genie first comes out of the lamp, he says he’s been there for 10,000 years and refers to Aladdin’s clothes as those of the third century, also Genie knows about electricity, cars and slot machines and even impersonates celebrities from the 80s and 90s like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jack Nicholson. So we can say Alladin takes place in the post-apocalyptic future of Arabia.

Tangled And Frozen: Elsa, Anna, And Rapunzel Are Cousins

 I know you haven’t seen that coming but we have undeniable proof of this theory.

(Rapunzel and Eugene at Anna’s coronation)

Let’s take a look at the movie timelines, Frozen was released in 2013 and Tangled was released in 2010. At the beginning of Frozen, Anna and Elsa’s parents went on a royal wedding and died along the way three years ago (in the frozen timeline). So it can be assumed they went to Rapunzel’s wedding.

Now it makes sense why Rapunzel is seen at Elsa’s coronation.

A fan theory supports this whole logic.

Disney has a whole universe of its own and characters seem to co-exist to prove this.

Frozen And Little Mermaid

Looking at the landscapes, Tangled is said to have been set in Germany and Frozen is set in Norway.

At the beginning of Frozen, Elsa and Anna’s parents are seen leaving for a royal wedding. In the light of previous theory, the royal wedding can be of Rapunzel and Eugene’s. And geographically, if these stories took place in northern European countries like Denmark and Norway, they have a dangerous ocean between them.

(map showing the similarities between Ahtohallan map from frozen 2 and world map)

(Ahtohallan map from frozen 2)

So the ship the Little Mermaid found was of Elsa and Anna’s parents.

Peter Pan And Little Mermaid

Spoiler- Captain Hook from Peter Pan killed Ariel’s mom (Queen Athena).

Disney plays innocent and lively shows, but Disney seems darker than they let on. This theory involves some morbid deaths, so brace yourself.

Can you see the similarity between the mermaid in Peter Pan and Ariel’s mom?

The red hair and emerald tail. Fans say that they are the same person. In the second Ariel movie, we see Ariel’s mother was killed by a malicious pirate, the malicious pirate was indeed Caption Hook.

Walt Disney And Motherless Characters

Motherless characters like Bambi, Snow White, Cinderella and the list of characters goes on and on. This is related to Walt Disney’s own childhood trauma. Walt Disney’s mother passed away in a carbon monoxide leak in the house Walt purchased for them. From then it has haunted Walt Disney and therefore many of his characters are motherless.

Frozen And Tarzan: Elsa And Anna’s Parents Are Also Tarzan’s Parents

In Tarzan, Tarzan’s parents are shown escaping from a sinking ship and later they build a treehouse where Tarzan is born but they get killed by a leopard but Tarzan survives.

In Frozen, Elsa’s parents’ death is not shown only their sinking ship is shown.

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There are many fan theories on Moana some of them are listed below

Moana was never in dangerWe know Maui was her saviour but she was also protected by the heart of Tafiti. As soon as Moana’s grandma hands her the heart of Tafiti, she falls ill and dies, even throughout the journey Moana is never hurt. This explains the heart of Tafiti sustains life.

Maui dies as a baby and resurrects as a demigodMoana is based on resurrection like her grandma even after her death, appears to motivate her, a theory revolves stating Maui is also resurrected.

For someone to be called a demigod, at least one parent should be a god and since we know Maui was thrown in the water by his parents, who were human, so it can be said Maui was resurrected by god.

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