Gone are the days of waiting for the clock to strike 8 every night to watch your favourite T.V. show. A big thanks to Netflix! It made watching movies and series so easy. Netflix is coming up with new shows and movies every now and then. Below is a guide of new movies and shows everyone is talking about.

Below is the list of latest 8 shows to watch on Netflix now:

Not a romance movie person but have a thing for science fiction? Got ya.

This series is all about magic!

“YOU” featuring the dangerously charming Penn Badgley is a thrill ride.

For all the Breaking Bad lovers out there! El Camino” is all about nostalgia.

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Our man Will Smith is back with another thrilling Bad Boys” sequel. More action! More thrill!

Good characters, Good storyline, Suspense. Stranger Things” has it all in abundance.

What is a pandemic? How it spreads? What should we do?

Have all these questions? “Pandemic: How To Prevent An Outbreak” is excellent and timely.

Countrywide quarantine is an invitation to boredom. But these movies and shows come to your rescue, and will surely help you make this quarantine fun.

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