Kiara Advani starrer, Guilty, is a Netflix original movie which revolves around the life of seven students amid the #MeToo movement.

It captures the grim reality of a society where justice does not come easy, but the highlight of the film was that it makes one question if they themselves were guilty of judging too quickly?

Guilty Summary

A band of five guys and Kiara, their songwriter are dragged by a girl named Tanu Kumar, who alleges that Kiara’s boyfriend VJ (Vijay) raped her on the 14th of February, through a tweet during the wave of the ‘Me Too’ movement. The movie unravels what exactly happened on Valentine’s Day, through a series of trails of witnesses and ones involved with the alleged rapist.

VJ pleas that he has only made a wrong choice and cheated on Kiara but did not force anything upon Tanu as she is the one who has always thrown herself on him deliberately. Shockingly, Kiara forgives VJ and when questioned says the famous cheat code for men, ‘Men will be Men’. Duh!

Few Traits Are Reserved For Men

Guilty takes advantage of the mentality of every Indian brought up in a patriarchal society and feeds them with more evidence to blame the attention wh*re, Tanu Kumar only to show them a mirror at the end through Kiara’s monologue, filled with sarcasm in front of hundreds of students gathered for a concert-

“Who do you think you are, Tanu Kumar? Just because you posted a tweet with 1000 likes, you think we’ll accept anything you say? You’re guilty because you liked him! You were flirting with him and you wanted to have sex with him. So, it’s obvious that you’re guilty!”

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“Anyway, you say whatever you like to whomever you like. You’re so confident, always wanna be the centre of attention. The problem is you want too many things and you go after it! Funny, actually. Because even VJ (alleged rapist) has the same qualities, but that’s what I like about him and so do you. But, it’s different with him, Tanu. You see, because he’s a man! Your problem is you don’t know how to conduct yourself. You have to be more responsible to stay out of trouble because men can’t change themselves.”

That’s exactly when it hits you. Yes! That’s what we have been moulded to believe. How many of you can proudly say that not once in your life have you blamed a girl for being an extrovert? For being friendly, or ambitious. Well these traits are seen as attention seeking and are only reserved for men, aren’t they?

Men can have fun but, God forbid, if a woman wants to try it, she’s characterless. If a guy is disciplined as a boss, he’s doing his job but a woman is called a bitch for the same trait.

Women are guilty of this crime, let alone men who are the cause of it all. Men call a woman an easy target because she flirts or wears revealing clothes but when they do it, it’s a part of their dating life.

We develop a crush on a man with traits that are absolutely abhorred on a lady. I wonder what would be the scenario if women stopped taking part in such conversations and judgemental eyes rolled at their thoughts rather than a girl’s dress.

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