G7 leaders in their recent Germany meeting centred around Russia’s invasion of Ukraine seemed to find comic relief out of the Russian president’s pecs.

At the start of the first meeting of the 3-day summit held in the Bavarian Alps where temperatures were higher than favourable, the British PM mockingly suggested whether more clothing other than their jackets should come off.

He had suggested the world leaders display their pecs as a display of strength to Vladimir Putin. This proposal was met with laughter by his colleagues.

The Canadian PM further suggested horseback riding with a bare chest. The president of the European Commission supported the idea. “Bare-chested horseback riding,” was just a suggestion by Trudeau.

This is all in reference to Putin’s affinity towards having shirtless photo-ops of himself by the state media of Russia. One such sensational picture involved him wearing nothing but a pair of trousers, sunglasses, and a gold chain, all while riding a brown horse.

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Another example from 2010 displays Putin’s chest in all its naked glory while he wielded a hunting rifle on a visit to Siberia. There also exists a picture of him donning a wetsuit while carrying archaeological artefacts from a site in the Taman peninsula.

That’s not all. Other pictures have come in the last decade where we can see Putin sunbathing shirtless, making swim buddies with dolphins and riding a submersible in the Baltic Sea.

The G7 leaders at the summit mulled over increased collective efforts to isolate Russia in retaliation for Putin’s invasion into neighbouring Ukraine which has led to catastrophic levels of loss of life and property.

Several countries have proposed banning Russian gold imports which would put the corpus of wealthy Russians in the crosshairs as they have been purchasing the commodity in bulk to somewhat soften the financial blow dealt by Western sanctions.

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