Shah Rukh Khan Detained at US Airport: US Not the Perfect Country Anymore

The news came pretty quickly of Shah Rukh Khan being detained at the Los Angeles airport today. And while it is not really uncommon any more, poor SRK has not been detained the first time. But what truly struck a chord with me and made me feel bad was his tweet.


Now, this is not the first time that he has been detained, and I won’t bother to go through the details of what happened, who apologized to whom and all once again.

But this and for the past year or so, an epiphany has come across to me, which has only strengthened based on my interactions with people from around the world, that, United States of America is not the picture perfect country that it tries to be.

Indians and not just us, but people all over the globe, have elevated USA to this celebrity level, where we are just in awe of how amazing it is, without bothering to see its flaws.


And sadly, I used to be one of those people. No truly, I was the kind of person who felt that US was a much better place to live than India.

Now, I love India with my whole heart, but having had the opportunity to go to the US, made me feel that that is better than my own country.

However, slowly, I am coming to grips with the fact, that I and people from many other countries have put this one continent, on such a high pedestal. In our eyes, it can do no wrong, and people of US live in some kind of utopian society.

In the past year though, I have had the chance to interact, talk and observe through social media, what exactly is the situation over in this great country, in who’s glory we must all bask in. *notice the sarcasm?*

This incident that has happened with Shah Rukh Khan, has only further instilled this belief in me, that we need to stop idolizing US.


It is not a great country, it is not perfect and it is not better than our own birth place.

It is almost like any other country out there, including India, as it too has the same corrupt people, inefficient government, intelligent people as well as ignorant and bigoted people.

I would like to iterate that, I don’t hate US, but am simply more aware of the fact that it also has made mistakes, is still making mistakes and that there is no such thing as one perfect country.

Signing off, I would just say that, it is time that the rest of the world should not be afraid to point out when USA is making a mistake and urge it to change it.

As for our own country, I hope this lifts those rose filtered glasses a bit and allows us to see that our country might be behind in some areas, but it is our responsibility to lift it and raise it towards a better tomorrow.

Wow…that was just taken off of an inspirational poster, wasn’t it?

Anyways… that’s all for now. Adios.

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