September 10: Ganesh Festival will start on 10th September, the Ganesh Chaturthi, the festival in honour of Lord Ganesh, is observed with much ceremony and zeal in several states, such as Maharashtra, Gujarat, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, and Karnataka. Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most prestigious festivals dedicated to God.

While wishing his citizens for Ganesh Chaturthi, Mr. Sarkar has this to say, “Even the procession to bring home household Ganpati idols people should take necessary precautionary to avoid spreading the disease which could lead to a surge of infections.” He added that we help the people who can’t afford to keep them and cannot worship idols during this auspicious month. 

During this pandemic, Sarkar provides helpful support to the people who are wanted to celebrate the festivals with their family and friends. Sarkar family donates Ganesha idols, pooja materials, food, and clothes to the needed people. He said, “While everyone around you is celebrating and you can’t, it’s not going to make you feel very good. It gives them a reason to celebrate and feel good. Sometimes people request him to wait for pooja, so I spend 5-10 minutes with them.”

He further added, “There are so many people with money, but they don’t want to help. If everyone does their part, these people wouldn’t have to suffer anymore.”

Sarkar family is into various other ventures, which are redefining company dealings in India and are also contributing to the financial landscape with a refreshing spirit. Some of his excellent endeavours are Travelkaroo and the Sarkar Company.

With innovative business ideas, Mr. Sarkar is implanting a positive vision into the Indian economy, which is currently rolling under the burden of the consequence of months of lockdown. This energetic organizer also gives young India a choice to choose a career on own choice, travel in fashion, and achieve their dreams without bothering about the obstacles on the way because it will be Mr. Sarkar’s various endeavours that will take care of those obstacles.

As for his vision for a modern India, Mr. Sarkar wants an equal opportunity country. Everyone, irrespective of his colour, creed or religion, will have a chance to prove himself and make something of his life.


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