You’ve watched her crazy videos and you’ve heard her bubbly voice on the radio. RJ Sukriti, who has previously worked with radio channels such as Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM and is currently doing a show with Brain Baazi, is a woman of many talents and this time, we got a chance to know her even better as we got to interview her for this week’s Friendly Fridays!

So without further ado, here’s presenting our exclusive interview with her. Read on:

ED: So Sukriti, have you ever received a creepy call when you were live on radio? If yes, do share the incident and your reaction.

RJ Sukriti: Haha, not a creepy call. Lots of interesting calls but I’ve had a lot of creepy comments on the videos which I upload on my YouTube channel, on my Facebook page, Instagram page, etc. There was a time when I stopped reading the comments thinking that they’re going to be creepy, regardless. But then, over time, I learnt to accept and ignore all sorts of creepy and negative comments and learnt to be happy for the good ones!

ED: Great! So tell us, what’s the craziest thing you’ve done as an RJ?

RJ Sukriti: Ooh! Interesting question. I think being an RJ is crazy enough in itself. The fact that you get paid to talk is really cool, considering you get punished for talking in school. Haha. I haven’t done a lot of crazy things as an RJ but I’ve definitely done some crazy things to become an RJ.

I got an engineering job and I didn’t take it up to pursue my career in radio, so I think that’s pretty crazy. Another thing at the top of my head is that I worked for almost a year without pay (as an intern) with Radio Mirchi. So, that to me is really crazy, as well.

One thing that I did as an RJ which qualifies as crazy is this April Fools Day video which I shot, where we ventured on roads and streets and did April Fool pranks on people. Whenever I recall it, I’m like, “Wow, yeh maine kaise kar lia? Itni himmat kaha se aayi thi mujh mein?”. It’s one of the most hilarious and crazy videos that I’ve done.

ED: Awesome. Taking a trip down the memory lane, who has been the coolest celebrity you’ve had on your show and why?

RJ Sukriti: All celebs are interesting, especially the young stars. They’re “people’s people” and love talking to the listeners.

But yes, I’ve been a Hrithik Roshan fan since forever and I got a chance to interview him on my show when he was promoting his movie “Kaabil”. I forgot my questions, I was totally numb and it was an awe-struck sort of a feeling.

Other than that, I did a show on Valentine’s Day where I interviewed different couples which was a really inspiring segment. I interviewed a visually impaired couple, an acid attack survivor with her husband and kid which changed my notions about love since most of the general public is very materialistic about looks and appearance. The memory about interviewing those couples (almost 2 years ago) has been really close to my heart.

Also, the ED Times team was really cool and interesting, they had a very cool vibe to them when they visited our studio, haha!

ED: Haha, thank you for your kind words. Moving on to the next question: If given a choice, whose songs would you never play on your show?

RJ Sukriti: Haha, okayyyy then. I think all songs are nice, which is a fairly politically correct response. But I honestly believe that a lot of hard work goes into making music and we shouldn’t judge music like that. There’s composition, production, takes, retakes, etc.

And I’m definitely the last person to judge music because I’m a terrible singer myself, haha.

ED: So keeping singing aside, is Sukriti as peppy and talkative in real life as she is on radio?

RJ Sukriti: YES. I am. I love talking and I’ve always loved that. I’ve been talkative all my life and I love meeting new people. And the initial videos which I made, I used to go around and talk to people in those videos and I realized that I loved doing it.

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ED: And if there was a profession which you had to choose other than being an RJ, what would it be and why?

RJ Sukriti: I probably would’ve joined an engineering firm since I was placed in an IT company, thanks to my engineering degree and campus placements. But it was a blessing in disguise that I didn’t take the job and things worked out for me at Radio Mirchi.

ED: If Sukriti were to sell a fashion brand, what would its tagline be?

RJ Sukriti: Haha. Very interesting question. Okay, let me think. I think being a peppy and talkative person, I’d say the tag line would be “Laugh And Talk, Because It’s Free”.

ED: Nice! So, what was your parents’ first reaction when you told them that you wanted to be an RJ?

RJ Sukriti: My dad has been slightly on the strict side and told me in 10th and 12th grade that he didn’t want me to do any extra curricular activities but I really wanted to do them. So, suppose I did some theater activity, then I used to wipe my face and come home to show that I didn’t do anything.

But in my 3rd year of college, there was an event called “Channel V: The Next Big Thing” and I participated in the zonal level of that competition for the RJ Hunt, where the top 3 contestants from each zone would go on to compete in Goa and I finished 3rd in the zonal round. Then, I had to tell my dad that I had been doing these extra curricular activities on the side. So, that conversation helped a lot and he was convinced that I can do well, even if I become an RJ.

I didn’t win the RJ Hunt but I went on to win an acting competition. I remember I got a cash prize of Rs. 20,000, a laptop, etc. It was a huge, fancy cheque like those cricketers get on TV and that was the first time I proved it to my dad, following which we spoke about me changing my career choices. My mom on the other hand, has always been supportive so it wasn’t exactly a massive struggle to convince my parents.

ED: If you woke up one morning as the Prime Minister on the country, how would you tell us your “Mann Ki Baat”?

RJ Sukriti: This is a great question. But I feel that ever since I’ve been with Radio Mirchi, I don’t need one day to become the PM to share my “Mann Ki Baat”, because I pretty much do it everyday as an RJ! Haha.

ED: That’s an amazing response, haha! Our last question: Hook-up, marry or kill: RJ Raunak, RJ Naved, RJ Nitin.

RJ SukritiCan I please pass this question? Haha! All of them are amazing personalities and I have massive respect for them. I’ve grown up listening to Naved and Nitin. I haven’t grown up listening to Raunaq, haha. I guess that’s fairly obvious why.

So I wouldn’t want to kill any of them because these 3 have made radio what it is today.

I’ve worked with Naved as I did my first internship on his show and I have a lot of respect for him. I don’t personally know Raunaq but he’s a brilliant RJ. And who doesn’t know Nitin? Haha. I met him recently and I think he’s awesome. So, I think I’d rather say a few words about them (which I did) instead of choosing to hook-up, marry or kill any of these stalwarts.

But thank you so much, these questions were hilarious and I think this is definitely one of the most fun interviews I’ve done. You guys are doing a great job with ED Times, so keep up the good work!

ED: Thank you, Sukriti! We really appreciate that you took time out of your schedule and had this wonderful chat with us. Cheers!

Annnnnd that’s a wrap, folks!

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