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R.I.P PC Market: Coming Soon. Any Guesses When?


Rise of The Planet Of Tablets, Interest Rates and Inflation are killing the PC Market Heavily. Don’t Know if i’ll even be able to see a PC after some years or will i find it in a garbage dump. Try roaming on the world wide web, and you will hear buzzwords like “PC is dead”, “Cloud is the future”, “Tablets will kill the PC”.

Probably with the advent of tablets, home computing can be less dependent on PC in the US. The rest of the world is pretty much okay with what they have. Secondly, PCs are not going to die overnight just because tablets have arrived. Everyone doesn’t have a wifi connection at home to sync the data etc.

Steve Jobs at D8 said..

“I think PCs are going to be like trucks. Less people will need them. And this is going to make some people uneasy”.

Computer Sales In India Have Dipped marginally Due To Inflation and High Interst Rates In April-June Quarter, and the festive season holds only a promise of Tablet Sales In The Current Quarter.

Adding to the Misery, Dell has plans to change its focus to The Tablet Market as Hp did by Killing their entire empire In The PC Market… HP did realize what would have come in the future but they realized it too soon .. Plus Tim Cook[ New CEO OF Apple] won’t let his Tablets fall and nor his PC’s ..

There has been a 4.2% decline in sales over the previous quarter for The PC . Macro- Economic Pressures like interest rates and inflation are expected to affect the consumer sentiments…

Plus Every Small Tech Company is carving a niche for their company by releasing new, revolutionized and Affordable Tablets For A Common Man…

For How Long Can A Man wait for a tablet to come in his hand? After All now is the Time For Small, Fun, Efficient  Apps rather than Bulgy, Slow and Time Consuming Software…


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