Ever since COVID-19 was declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO), everyone across the globe has been hoping and waiting eagerly for a vaccine.

During the past few months, all of us have been diligently following news around vaccines and trials.

News of successful phases of trials has been cheering up all of us for the past couple of months. Following successful trials, the United Kingdom became the first country to approve the BioNTech vaccine, on December 2, 2020.

Indians Willing To Fly To UK For A Dose of Vaccine

After months of lockdowns and subsequent unlocks, the COVID-19 situation in India and several other countries is still bad. During these tough times, everyone has keen desperation for getting a dose of vaccine against the novel coronavirus.

After news of vaccine approval in the UK hit the media, some Indians have started enquiring about the possibility of travelling to the UK, simply for a dose of the cure.

Travel agents have been receiving queries from desperate Indians who are willing to travel to London for the sake of a dose of the Pfizer vaccine. People are asking “how and when and if” they could travel to the UK for the same.

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What Do Agents Have To Say?

After receiving enquiries from keen Indians, officials from EaseMyTrip.com told media sources that they are planning to offer a three-night package to Indians who are holding UK visas and are willing to travel to the country for the purpose of getting vaccinated.

Additionally, they mentioned that they are looking to get into a deal with the airlines for fixed-price tickets for people travelling to get vaccinated.

They are also trying to do deals with hospitals based in London so that they could offer a fixed package for Indians eyeing the UK trip for a dose.

Travel agents further highlighted that this is not a peak season for travel plans to London, however, after the vaccine approval news hit the media, they have been receiving calls for the possibility of a short trip for vaccination purposes only.

However, agents are still waiting for clarity from the government of the United Kingdom on whether Indian passport holders could get a vaccine in the UK or not.

Will Indians Be Able To Get Vaccinated In The UK?

As of now, travel agents and citizens are awaiting a response from the officials about who can get vaccinated against COVID-19, in the UK. Sources suggest that elderly people and healthcare workers in the UK are at the first priority for a dose of vaccine.

As far as government regulations are concerned, travellers entering the UK from abroad need to mandatorily quarantine themselves for a period of five days, post which, they have to get tested for the RT-PCR test for COVID-19.

The pattern of distribution of the vaccine in the UK would unfold in the upcoming week when it would start rolling out in the country.

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