Every now and then, new trends keep coming, and people from the Gen-Z generation are the first ones to follow such trends.

A new trend added on to their massively long list of trends is “studygram”. If you belong to this generation, you might know of it. But in case you don’t, here we are.

Let’s “Study” The Studygram

All of us have just come out of a deadly coronavirus pandemic, a phase that felt like a death trap. However, in order to hold our sanity together and shoo away the boredom, we quickly adjusted to the online world. Everything made fantastic use of the online world, even our education system.

However, we can’t deny the fact that it didn’t make us feel isolated and aloof. Well, this didn’t go on for long because we, the Gen-Z generation, found a way to escape it. We found the “studygram”.

By doing this, they can watch other students, not just in their own country but worldwide, studying and sharing notes with one another on a live and also themselves go live while studying. In simple words, you may use your social media accounts to go live, invite your friends as well, and study together.

Going live while studying

Not just Instagram, you can do this fun activity on Zoom calls, Google meets, face times, WhatsApp video calls, etc.

This trend was initially seen in South Korea in 2018 and the trend spiked during the pandemic.

How It Is Done?

All you have to do is bring your books, notebooks, and stationery put a camera in front of you, and go live. It is that simple.

You can share creative notes and schedules just the way you do in classrooms. “Studygraming” or filming yourself while studying comes under the umbrella term of productivity.

In December 2020, Varsha Rana was preparing for NEET, however, she felt alone and wanted someone to watch her while she studied, hence, she started “study with me sessions” on YouTube. She admitted that it helped her consistency in studying and avoided procrastination.

People going live on YouTube for “study with me sessions”

“I used to get up every morning and set up my timetable. I set up three-hour sessions using the Pomodoro study technique. It meant studying for 50 minutes and then a break for 10 minutes,” said Varsha, who resides in Meerut.

Though such sessions make some of us feel connected, it makes others prone to online comparisons and competitions. A student might feel inferior to see other students of their age studying quite well or might feel bad to see other’s technological possessions which they themselves do not possess. For example, a user might envy another user who is streaming himself live on his laptop and is using a tablet to make notes.

Alok Kulkarni, a Hubli-based senior consultant psychiatrist and mental wellness expert cautioned people to carefully engage in such activities and said it can easily turn into toxic productivity.

He opined, “People with self-esteem, self-image, and confidence problems may feel vulnerable in such an environment. They may get into unnecessary comparisons with their online peers and end up feeling dejected. This has broader ramifications in the form of clinical anxiety and depression.”

A lot of us believe and it is certainly true that studying is boring and we wish to escape from it, however, studygramming has helped us to make studying look aesthetic and we can even romanticize it. However, in doing so, we must not forget the intention we had. The intention to study.

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Here’s How Students Are Studying Online

A student from the United States, who has a studygram account, shared, “Studygrams foster a culture of personal growth and accountability. Since I record my work for my followers to see, I am motivated to work every day. Seeing other studygrammers hard at work serves as a source of encouragement. Moreover, I feel like it has helped me understand my course material better.”

A journalism student from India, Abhirami Rao feels that social media is infamous for lowering our productivity and turning off our creativity skills. He says that social media has done the opposite for him. “Studygram communities help students hone their interpretation skills. The current generation focuses more on synthesizing and processing information, rather than merely memorizing facts. Studygrams and studyblrs may even represent the nascent stages of a knowledge-sharing economy,” he stated.

Elsa, a student belonging to the Dominican Republic believes that all of us need motivation in order to do something we feel needs effort and she feels that making notes is a tedious job.

She said that with studygram, “Over time, you may even yearn to get back to your books, because you are no longer doing homework, but creating art!” However, on the other hand, she also admits, “Sometimes, I find myself paying a lot more attention to the quality of my presentation rather than how much homework I do,” because a lot of people are obsessed with presenting their work as aesthetically as possible.

Kanika Sharma, a student preparing for class 12 board exams in 2012 and discovered “studyblr” (study+tumbler), and a decade later, now as an economics professor, she is still in awe of the platform. She told The Print, “I realized how it can actually be celebrated. With time, I discovered various YouTube channels that post ‘study with me’ videos. I realized studying is not for boring people.”

Bianca, a student, feels a lot of studygrammers long for being aesthetic and she reminds them that studygramming wasn’t supposed to be aesthetic but helps us study and feel coupled to one another.

Studygramming is obviously a great way in which students can motivate themselves to study and learn from people around the world. However, at the same time, the students must make a conscious effort that studygramming is nothing but studying. 

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