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Life is hard. Exams make it harder. Offline exams after studying the entire semester online are another height of hard. They are the apex form of torture to students, who have no choice but to go through it.

Someone on Internet said that giving offline exams after an online semester is like joining the army after playing PUBG or driving a real car after driving in GTA. I couldn’t agree more.

Here I have some very good arguments on why it is unfair to conduct exams offline after online classes and how my classmates and I are feeling throughout.

Does Cramming Even Make Sense?

Online exams surely had their perils like unstable internet connection, no proper space to sit and write the exam, time crunch to name a few. But one very good aspect was the OBE. Students were allowed to refer to their class notes and the questions asked in the exam were application-based.

There was no need of cramming anything, and why should there be? This is, as COVID has so clearly proved, the digital era where all the information is indispensable to us at just one click. I can Google the name of the President of Bahrain so why bother filling my brain with such information?

But in offline exams, we have to go back to this cramming method even though it clearly does not make sense.

offline exams

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Traveling To College On The Exam Day

My exams are in mid-November, the time when the winter starts to show its effect. Getting up early in the morning to travel all the way to college is a real challenge and so redundant.

Nobody prepared us for this ordeal after 1.5 years of taking exams and classes from our bed.

No Access To Library Resources

The library and photocopy shop of any college are the most crowded during the examination week. Students of all courses and years, after bunking the classes for days, reach there to find previous year papers, toppers’ notes, and prescribed books.

In the online semester, we don’t have access to any of that, so how do they expect us to write offline exams the same way we did before COVID when we are not provided with the same facilities?

No Group Study Sessions

Don’t we all have that friend in our lives who studies everything themselves and then teaches us like a true Samaritan? Those study sessions were the primary reason why I could score well in exams. But, how do we do them now?

After the notice by college authorities, my classmates and I have been in distress. Many are wishing for the third wave to come soon so that exams are canceled. Imagine how bad the system must be if well-educated and concerned people are hoping for a deadly virus to return just so they don’t have to give offline exams after an online semester?

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