The value of education in your life cannot be overstated because it helps you grow and shape your future. Indeed, education transforms lives and is critical to fostering peace, alleviating poverty, and promoting long-term development. Rao IIT Academy seeks to help bright students realise their educational and career goals and has so announced financial support through a contest for such students. The instititution is inviting students to compete in India’s Best Student Contest 2021-22, through which it is offering a Rs. 20 crore scholarship. 

The importance of education 

Through education, we learn to differentiate between right and wrong. Education helps us make decisions with which we can become valuable members of society.

Education provides you with a future. It is the first step in creating a better and happier life for yourself. Education instils self-esteem. An educated person has the confidence and self-belief, to achieve anything in life. We are all born with some talent, and education can assist you in discovering your gift.

However, education has become increasingly expensive, and your family’s financial situation may act as a barrier to completing your studies and accomplishing your aspirations. This is where scholarships come to the help of deserving students.

The benefits of a scholarship

Most high school graduates seek financial aid in order to pursue a vocation of their choice. 

Many students graduate with massive student loan burdens, but a scholarship keeps you out of debt. Scholarships, unlike school loans, do not require repayment.

By removing the financial barrier, it assists in empowering your academic and career ambitions.

Scholarships boost performance, as you don’t have any financial worries and have more time to study, learn, and improve your grades. Earning a scholarship is prestigious, and it will help you stand out during your job search and build a better career.

Because scholarships are so important, you should seek scholarships from educational institutions like Rao IIT by taking part in their prestigious contest.

IBSC is a competition to search the best minds that India has

Rao IIT noticed that there are many talented kids in India, but their efforts go unnoticed. To take it as a cause, a small beginning was created in Mumbai in 2014, with Maharashtra’s best student contest to uncover Maharashtra’s top potential. Following an amazing response, it was expanded to the national level in 2015 as IBSC – India’s Best Student Contest.

Rao IIT is making an effort to recognise outstanding students and their parents by hosting this national contest. This type of activity also raises value awareness and admiration for pupils who excel in their studies.

The academy is hence inviting bright students to achieve whatever goals they have set for themselves by taking part in the India’s Best Student Contest 2021-22. Through the contest Rao IIT is offering scholarship and cash prizes to financially support the bright students so that money never acts as a barrier in their studies. 

Rao IIT will conduct IBSC 2021-22 in the months of September – October in 150 plus cities from where 1 lac plus students will participate. Std VII to Std X students can take part in the contest.

To emerge as the winner in the contest, students will have to undergo three stages. Rao IIT will conduct Stage I of the contest on September 26, 2021, and Stage II on October 3, 2021. Then again there will be a Stage I on October 10, 2021 and a Stage II on October 17, 2021. Stages I and II, both of which will be conducted online, are being held twice to give more opportunities to the students to take part in the contest. The tests will be also conducted in the months of November and December before the student goes for Stage III.

During Stage I, Top 50 students from each Std. will compete for Stage II interview, which will be held by Senior faculties of Rao IIT. During Stage II, which will be interactive, Top 20 students in the contest will compete for the Stage III-Final Exam. Top 5 winners from each Std. will be declared, after the Stage III – Final Exam, which will be online/ offline. The tests are held at beautiful venues. 

The scholarship is of Rs. 20 crores. Apart from that there are Rs. 1 crore cash prizes to be won by the students who will take part in the contest. The awards will be given to the students who rank 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the contests. The students, who will win the cash prizes, will also be given free education for success in competitive exams.

Key benefits of the IBSC contest include: 1. The contest is held with fair policies and there will be detailed performance analysis; 2. The students will get an exceptional platform at the national level where they will interact with renowned mentors in academics; 3. Apart from maths and science tests, there will also be aptitude tests. Moreover, the mental ability of the students will also be tested and their psychometry will also be done; 4. Others charge Rs. 3000-Rs. 5000 for such tests. But, students can participate in this contest for just Rs.100/-, and all the tests will be free; 5. All the students will receive personalized counseling.

About Rao IIT Academy

Rao IIT, which is well known in the world of IIT JEE or Medical Coaching in India, has its corporate office in Andheri, Mumbai. The institution believes in realising the ambitions of talented students who are the future of our country. The academy was founded in Kota by a Research Scientist turned exceptional teacher, Dr. B.V. Rao, M.SC., M.S. (IIT Madras), Ph.D (IIT Delhi).

Rao IIT makes every effort to develop talent among individuals who do not have access to numerous learning resources that can help them have a great future.

Rao IIT has finally invited all the bright students who deserve a scholarship to fulfill their dreams to register their names for the contest via the link:



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