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Rachid El Khabbachi – Giving my Family the Best Lifestyle is What I Always Dreamt of


We all have a motivating factor or an ambition that gives our life a purpose. Successful people diligently follow that aim and create an example for the world. Growing up in the streets of Mauritania, Rachid El Kabbachi, the famous lifestyle blogger who is well-known as JM, dreamt of giving his family the best lifestyle and worked day and night to make his ultimate dream come true.

Rachid lived a tough childhood and suffered to make ends meet. He witnessed the struggles that poverty showered on his family. Khabbachi did not go to school or play in parks with kids of his age. He’d step out of the house to survive yet another day and beg for money.

Buried under the pressure of life, Rachid started dreaming of making life better for his family. He wanted to put an end to the suffering he had been seeing his parents go through. JM, with a passion and hunger for success, started looking out for opportunities as he moved with his family to Germany. He took part in street fights and later in combat sports that gave his career a kick start.

In no time, he earned the honor of becoming one of the biggest talents in Europe at a young age. That gave him the credibility to start his business of real estate and flourish at it too.

He faced no fear in switching his career from sports to business, and this risk-taking personality of his is one of the core reasons for his rapid success. Furthermore, he is a jeweler who makes a profit on buying and selling of gold and diamonds.

From living the life of a beggar, Rachid El Khabbachi earned himself and his family the lifestyle they once longed. He has proved that when intentions are pure, success is never that far.

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