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Puppychino, Delhi’s First Dog Cafe: We Liv’ED It


Liv’ED is an ED original style where we write about our personal experiences on visiting and reviewing any place which gives us a feeling of coming back for more.

This time, we narrate our doggylicious experience at the Puppychino Café in Shahpur Jat.

The famous Shahpur Jat near Hauz Khas is not just known for lavish designer stores (mostly for it, though). Apart from being a shopper’s paradise, there is another speciality of the place. It is also known for its varied food joints and cafés.

While passing by such innovative cafés, you just can’t stop yourself from visiting one. One such café is the Puppychino Café, quite suggestive of it’s innovation by the name.

The Puppychino Café

Puppychino is the first dog café that Delhi has seen.

If you are a dog lover and a food lover, I think Puppychino is definitely the place for you! I always heard about it from friends and read about it on food blogs. I couldn’t wait to visit it myself when I was at Shahpur Jat! It’s on the third floor inside a gully not too difficult to find.

The moment you enter, you’d have this huge smile on your face looking around and knowing the fact that this place is for sure not going to disappoint you! And moreover, it’s always better to be greeted by a cute dog than a tired waiter. (Although, the managing staff here is always on their toes, running around just like the hyper-excited furry babies of the cafe.)

The Puppychino Café.
The Puppychino Café.

How To Reach

To reach Puppychino you’ll have to take an auto from Hauz Khas Metro station to Shahpur Jat and ask the auto walla to drop you to Shishan Bhawan near UCO Bank. You might as well just ask him if he knows the Puppychino Café. Chances are he might just know the place because of the amount of visitors everyday.

If you’re driving your own car there then you’ll have to park at main road itself. You’ll have to do some asking around to reach the gully where the café is situated. But the best part is all the people in the vicinity of the café know it fairly well to help you with directions!

What I Ordered?

Alfredo Sauce Pasta and Mediterranean Pizza along with Mocha Shake and Fresh Lime Soda.

Other Specialities

They have a special menu for the furry balls that accompany the hoomans to the café.

Special doggy food menu!
Special doggie food menu!

Also, they have their own mascot dogs named Bobo and Simba, a Lab and a Siberian Husky. So, if you don’t have a dog yourself to bring here don’t worry you can always chill with Bobo and Simba. They’re ever ready to make new friends.

They have experienced dog handlers and treat each dog according to its temperament. Other specialities include doggy day boardings, orders for doggy birthday parties and doggy food & toys for sale.

And Puppychino is also a co-working place. Meaning: There’s a dedicated dog space for your dogs to play in, and a dedicated space for you to work in. That is, if you can get any work done with all the cuteness running around.


The hooman area!
The hooman area!

If you have this immense love for dogs and the taste buds for good food. This place is for you. About the ambience, it is divided into two sections, one is the ‘play area’ with the puppies and other they call ‘hoomans’ to relax and eat.

Simba with the professional trainer in the doggy play area!
Simba and Bobo with the professional trainer in the doggy play area!

The time gap between ordering and getting the order in your hands is a matter of few minutes. And the best part is you enjoy every minute of the wait because that gives you extra time to cuddle with some furry balls in the play area.

The Mocha Shake is to die for. Just the right amount of chocolate with coffee makes the place even more hooman friendly. All the pasta and pizza dishes are amazing and I strongly recommend these.

As for dogs, from what I have been told Pupsicle is something you should definitely feed your fur ball.

Good doggie food.
Good doggie food.

Also, I loved the fact how clean and well kept the place is. They have hand sanitisers on all the tables and they keep on spraying room fresheners to keep the doggy aroma at bay. The staff is as friendly as the mascot dogs Simba and Bobo, ever ready to take suggestions!

Puppychino never runs out of dogs. The day I visited, there were breeds ranging from Indies to even Pug, Chihuahua and Beagle. Happiness is always in the air at Puppychino!

Value For Money

Again, this place is more about dogs than food.

Both hooman and doggy food prices are fairly affordable.

The listing on Zomato shows the average cost for two to be around Rs. 1000. I think it hardly happens as people don’t come here to hog on to food as much as for some puppy love.


For Hoomans: The milk shakes, pizzas and the pasta dishes.

Amazing Milk Shakes!
Amazing Milk Shakes!

For Your Fur Ball: Whatever it woofs at! (Kidding, the entire menu is good. You can opt for whatever your dog is fond of having.)

Liv’ED It Score Card


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Picture Courtesy: Google Images

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