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Puerto Rican Rapper Cyrus The God Celebrates Life, Love And Culture



Hip Hop has bridged cultural gaps since the beginning. Equally important, Latino Hip Hop artists have established a solid foothold in the Rap game, consisting of some of the biggest names out there in the past and present. Latin music artists such as Big Pun, B-Real, Prince Markie Dee, Pitbull, Fat Joe, Kid Frost, Immortal Technique, Chino XL, the Beatnuts and Cardi B are first class rappers who have made a tremendous impact on the Rap game. They have all inspired Latino wordsmiths worldwide to be the next in line to carry the torch.

Bronx based independent rapper Cyrus The God is continuing the tradition of hard hitting Latin rappers making great strides in the world of Hip Hop. The Rap Juggernaut is of Puerto Rican descent. He was greatly influenced by the legendary Big Pun. His diverse style and unique look sets him apart from the competition. Family and tradition are important to Cyrus The God. He’s a master at evoking the full range of human emotion in his music like rage, humor, angst and joy. His style is a blend of reality rap and braggadocious lyricism. Cyrus the God kicks sharp rhymes over head nodding beats while sharply telling intricate stories about his life.

There are lots of emerging rappers in the game, but there’s something about Cyrus The God that makes him stand out from the crowd. Some industry insiders are touting him as the “Artist To Watch.” There’s always something refreshing about a musician who feels comfortable in his own skin. At a time when there is a blur between creativity and mediocrity, Cyrus is redefining Hip Hop with authenticity. He first rose to regional fame by releasing several songs with his crew known as The Cvsh Mobb. This garnered quite a buzz for the rapper, but it was nothing like what was to come. He’s been featured on such premier music media outlets as Thisis50 TV. The Source, Hip Hop Weekly, YoRaps and more. His recent music videos “Wave Runners” and “Dead On Arrival,” featuring Solo Jones,  have garnered significant critical acclaim and fan appreciation.

The proud Boricua represents the Bronx, NY, the birthplace of Hip Hop culture. His Hispanic heritage and his hometown play important roles in his music. It’s the flair, the vibe, the food, the honor, and the pride of being a Bronx bred Puerto Rican that energizes, shapes and molds his musical soundscape. Moreover, Cyrus The God is building his legacy by raising the bar of professionalism for independent rappers. He has developed a strong following with his explosive lyrics and dynamic music videos. His latest visual is called “Hate Some More” The bold track highlights Cyrus The God’s irrepressible confidence and supreme wordplay. Respect his grind and join the movement. 

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