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Kathleen Cameron: Coaching Others to Break the Mold and Redefine Standards


Our culture continues to change with the ebb and flow of the pandemic regulations.  Everyone is navigating through these challenges in their own way, but Kathleen Cameron has redefined what navigating the pandemic can look like.  With a need for social distancing and consistent income, people are getting more creative and taking control of their lives and their futures.  Kathleen is the expert of our time in the power of manifestation and she is sharing her wisdom.

Attracting what you put out in the world is a common and accepted practice, but manifestation isn’t as widely understood, and Kathleen is coaching others to harness the power of manifestation.   Kathleen herself has made 1.6 million dollars in the span of 10 months.  As a coach under the famous Bob Proctor, she has risen to his top ranks, and she is one of only two gold pin holders of the Proctor coaches and soon to be at Bob Proctor’s top-level of coaches as one of only four Diamond pin holders. She has manifested money, hitting the best seller list, and even a private invitation to Bob Proctors house.  She is living a life free to her own schedule and desires, pursuing her goals in a fashion that allows her to work where and when she wants, leaving her time to enjoy her family.  She has created a new and improved quality of life by following the lessons she teaches to her own clients. So, if anyone’s advice should be trusted on how to manifest the life you want to live, Kathleen is the go-to. 

Kathleen delves deep into what manifestation really means.  She defines manifestation as “asking for what you want and then expecting to receive it”.  She explains that everything in your physical world is a manifestation, so it is important that you are manifesting more of what you want, not promoting stagnancy.  Kathleen advises to be specific on what it is you want and to visualize it intently.  This visualization needs to vivid and convincing, and it should be a daily practice. She isn’t simply saying that if you think it, it will be, she explains that by practicing visualization you are planting a seed in your subconscious that will lead you to fully believing that these visualizations will become a reality.  This allows you to work towards your goals with confidence and removes the limitations of doubt. 

According to Tchiki Davis of Psychology Today, Dr. Carol Dweck’s research shows that believing in the ability to accomplish something makes it more likely that you will successfully do it. This means that our growth mindset – beliefs about our capability to learn, grow, and succeed— can in fact affect whether we effectively manifest what we want. 

Kathleen also stresses the power of positive energy.  The energy you give off in the world will be the energy that comes back to you.  If you have and maintain positive energy, you will continue to attract positive energy. This also goes with self-image.  Believing in your ability to accomplish something will manifest that success.  The core of Kathleen’s Coaching is centered around self-love.  She highlights the power of self-love.  Without loving yourself and believing in your capabilities, you will not be able to achieve your greatest goals, but by embracing yourself and recognizing what is possible, you will unleash your potential, realizing your goals.  

Kathleen is living evidence of what it looks like when the power of manifestation is harnessed, and she’s teaching others how to accomplish all of what they desire through her coaching company, The Diamond Academy. She has created the life she wants, one of independence, success, and happiness.  She has shattered the mold and created a new fulfilling and massively successful life for herself, and she is encouraging others to do the same.

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