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Abdallah Al Abdeen: From a football player to a successful entrepreneur


Life is never predictable and really success does not come to you, you have to go and get it. One day you could be living a deprived life and the next day you could be the richest of all. Being from a destitute family and having an impoverished childhood has never defined a person’s future. Rather, poverty has always helped the skilled rise to their feet in ways no one could have imagined. Lack of resources could prove to be a person’s biggest motivation towards overcoming the same. We have always heard stories about people going from rags-to-riches of Oprah Winfrey, Howard Schultz, Dhirubhai Ambani, Steve Jobs, Ralph Lauren and the list could go on. The environment either breaks you or makes you, another such example which proves that you don’t need to be born rich to get success in your life is entrepreneur Abdallah Al Abdeen. 

Born in Kuwait on 15 January, 1989, he had an impoverished childhood. But as the Gulf War broke out in the 1990s he along with his family had to move to Jordan. Their lives even in Jordan were not easy as each day began with struggle and ended with the same. Then finally, after a ten years hiatus in Jordan they moved to the United States in 2001. After moving to the USA, things were not easy for him, after high school hours Abdeen stocked shelves at a Nike authorized retailer for a few bucks an hour.

Abdallah started to pursue his dream career of playing football from the Belle Glade FL. He got himself into one of the best high schools for football in the entire country. Belle Glade, known for its notorious record in crimes was quite an experience for him as it made him capable of living anywhere else in the world and appreciate a better life. But unfortunately his career in football came to a halt after eight years of hard work when one day he got injured and could not continue his football any further. However, Abdallah took this not as a setback but an opportunity to explore his potential. In 2007, he went to Broward college for computer engineering and then finally transferred to Palm Beach State College in West Palm Beach Florida and changed his major to International businesses. There he realised his true potential and at present he, a man whose dream was to be a football player, is a successful entrepreneur.

As they say that everything happens for a reason, after studying in Florida his life switched its direction, he started day trading in the stock market which helped him have some cash flow to open a wireless company and a private limo services chain. Fortune favors the brave, today he owns a wholesale and retail company. He travels frequently for business between the US, Dubai and China. Married and a father of two, Abdallah is in a good place in his life with his business growing each day. Being the optimist he is, Abdeen says, “Life might strike at you one day, but in reality it’s only redirecting you to a better and more successful path”. 

As pretty his life seems today Abdallah had learned the harsh lessons of his life early. The more he struggled the stronger he became. And that is what motivates us to face everything in life with courage. You will never get rid of problems unless you are ready to face them and a positive approach towards them never hurts. Abdeen says, “life is like a lego toy, you have to keep switching pieces around for it to take shape”. Once you realise this nothing will ever seem impossible.

Humble beginnings completely drive people to enjoy what they are doing. Abdallah Al Abdeen in conversation with the media shared that your limitation is actually only your imagination, you have to push yourself, as else no one can do it for you, really great things never come from comfort zones. You have to show your character, when you are standing against the wall. The success of his company is just the beginning for him and not the end. The key to success is to believe in yourself, focus on goals and not on obstacles.

Abdallah Al Abdeen’s story is going to inspire everyone who has ambition, drive and desire to grow but don’t have the resources. 

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