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Power Token Releases Its Innovative Generation 3 Main Net Public Chain


 The blockchain technology has recorded significant growth over the last decade, starting from a proof of work-based consensus mechanism to modern-age proof of delegate stake, proof of authority, and hyper ledger-based private consortium distributed ledgers. It is evident that the technology is evolving as several new protocols are being tested, and the technology is expected to develop further.

As a rising star in the public chain sphere, Power Token has a clear understanding of the limitations of existing public chain networks and has worked on the development of a state of the art next-generation public chain network that resolves the issues faced by the existing network while ensuring maximum efficiency, throughput, and scalability. PT Blockchain Network has developed a new blockchain system that is claiming to create a completely decentralized economy while solving the scalability issue of cryptocurrencies. Given its network throughput and features, it makes Bitcoin and Ethereum networks look slightly backward. Cryptocurrencies, as per the vision of Satoshi Nakamoto, were all were introduced to make payments trustless, cheaper, faster, secure, and easier. Arguably, they have further complicated the process.

A team of Silicon Valley stars with a luxurious facelift

Power Token Blockchain Network serves as a better alternative to traditional blockchain networks by resolving low throughput and interoperability. It also strives to offer an upgraded architecture for a multi-DAPP platform that is deployed on a public chain, which changes the single-layer architecture design of the essential public chain and creates a real decentralized DEFI financial platform.

PT Public Chain’s development team is introducing a few new technologies, something that is considered as a cutting-edge breakthrough technology in the blockchain space, e.g., the introduction of post-quantum encryption.

Introducing an Innovative Consensus Mechanism, right from the heart of technology i.e. Silicon Valley

PT Public Chain is based in Silicon Valley in the United States, where technology is at the forefront. In order to provide its blockchain network with a consensus mechanism, the team compared and analyzed all the mainstream consensus mechanisms on the market, and finally chose the PALA consensus algorithm of ThunderCore public chain as the consensus foundation of the PT Public Chain. ThunderCore is a renowned architecture in the industry, and the leadership team at PT Public Chain believes that the introduction of ThunderCore’s PALA consensus will help PT Public Chain achieve a qualitative leap in data throughput capacity TPS can exceed 2000, compared to POW consensus public chain such as; bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. can only achieve single-digit to double-digit processing capacity.

The collation capability gives the PT Public Chain super practical features, and with the current design load capacity of the PT Public Chain, it can fully meet the needs of large-scale data processing in a commercial environment, which is the bottom line for the PT team to call out Blockchain 3.0.

Development of the ecosystem

In order to develop the project further, the leadership and founding team at Power Token are tokenizing the Power Token architecture, and by doing so, they aim to allow institutional participation in the network. The founding body is already in negotiations with top and institutional investors such as the U.S. Silicon Valley Capital, Singapore’s National Fund (XSDG), blockchain professional VC institutions SNTD Fund, Ethereum early investment institutions – DRCT, the domestic Xiongbing Capital and Four Sea wild topology.

Media contact

Company: Power Token

Contact: Gavin Lee

Telephone: +6586285322

E-Mail: Gavinlee9884@gmail.com

Website:  http://www.powertoken.one/

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