The death of businessman Cyrus Mistry, the former chairman of the Tata Group, in September caused a lot of wave due to how unexpected it was. He died in a car crash on 4th September 2022 on the Ahmedabad – Mumbai highway.

Mistry was accompanied by three members of the Pandole family namely Jehangir Pandole, Dr. Anahita Pandole, and her husband Darius. Where both Cyrus and Jehangir died in the crash, Anahita and her husband survived with serious injuries.

Anahita was driving the Mercedes-Benz GLC car with her husband on the passenger seat and as per preliminary reports, the passengers were said to have been without their seatbelts with the car itself going at a high speed.

What Is Police Claiming Now?

Palghar Superintendent of Police Balasaheb Patil as per a Deccan Herald report said that “There were at least seven instances in which Dr. Anahita was found behind the wheel and over-speeding, which was captured on speed cameras.”

He further added that “Those challans were issued for over-speeding involving the same car that was involved in the Palghar accident,” he said.

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cyrus mistry death

As per reports the car itself was found to have been a part of many traffic-related violations in the past and while the vehicle itself was registered under the JM Financials name, it was used by Dr. Anahita herself.

In another report by Indian Express, Darius’s statement from November explained what happened and an official said that “On seeing that the three-lane road was merging into two, the car ahead took a right turn and safely moved on. Witnessing this, Dr Anahita also tried to take a right turn but could not do so because a heavy vehicle was moving on her right. So, she ended up ramming the car into the boundary wall of the bridge.”

Officer Patil also said that “Dr Anahita, who was driving her Mercedes-Benz car, had not worn the seat belt properly as the pelvic belt was not fastened.”

Currently, Dr Pandole has been booked under IPC sections

  • 304A (death due to negligence),
  • 279 (rash driving),
  • 336 (endangering lives),
  • 337 (causing hurt) and 338 (grievous hurt), and
  • sections 112 (limits of speed),
  • 183 (driving at excessive speed) and 184 (dangerous driving) of the Motor Vehicles Act, besides sections 14 (overtaking), 5 (duties of drivers/riders) and 6 (lane traffic) of the Motor Vehicle Driving Regulation.

While these things to be looked into, one has to wonder about the police is bringing this up now so many months after the death. Also, where is the proof of these supposed challans?

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