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Capturing Beyond The Photograph- A Picture Story


Photograph is not merely a picture made using camera. It is more than that. There’s a lot beyond the obvious that photographs speak. Every capture has a story to tell, a deeper meaning to convey.

Here are some pictures which convey something beyond the obvious. A stroll through ED’s latest picture story: 


‘Grandeur of Death’ , Safdurjung Tomb

Why do kings make these tombs in remembrance after their death . Do they fear they will be forgotten, no one will remember them?
No matter how much time passes, no matter what takes place in the interim, there are some things we can never assign to oblivion, memories we can never rub away.
But we all are doomed to die one day, no one will remember these people who tried to leave a mark in this world.
These memories will fade away one day into darkness. Though its enamouring to see that how even in death he stands so majestic. Even in death, he commands the skies.
Even in death, he is an emperor.
‘Without Darkness there can’t be any light’ – Safdurjung Tomb
The thing about life is that, it needs to be lived, and we need to experience it in its purest form the wins, the losses, celebrations and challenges, because with every good comes a bad.
No person can avoid struggles or have a smooth life all the way. There are always things in life that leave us shaken to our very core, we may call it being in dark, not able to figuring out what to do, helpless. We might be in pain, may be its physical or emotional, we get hurt.
Often we are hurt by life itself, it’s unfair, we question why we have to go through such hardships. But it doesn’t mean we give up hope. We should realize that these struggles, this darkness is a gift in itself.
As it is said what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger is true. Because you may hit those walls in darkness but you will get up and find the light at the end, which will make you more humble.
‘Power of a Woman ‘, Meherchand Market
Independent Woman portrays the image of Durga- the goddess of power and strength, the multi dimensional goddess with many names, personas.
She was the destroyer of evil, with many lethal weapons for her triumph. The same way women today manage the hardships they have to go through. And how gracefully they handles the rage going on inside them.
As Durga Maa – the supreme being, the woman continues to inspire all by the zeal, the strength she has.

‘The stairway to Nowhere’ – Lodhi Garden

I thought the other side would hold new ground for the one who built it, a walk towards freedom, but all I see is restraint.

An invincible force of bars that won’t let me go beyond what I see; beyond where my heart belongs.

These steps don’t lead to heaven but I would have preferred hell instead of chains that bind my path. It’s symbolic how my vision chooses to blur out all but the stairs, have I fallen or have I turned back?

Picture Credits – Ashna Gupta


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