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Christmas Drinks From Around The World


Christmas bring with it love, warmth and joy. All across the globe, people celebrate – irrespective of belief and faith. And when there is a celebration, food and drinks are mandatory! The age-old classic is the red wine – believed to be God’s own blood. But with the years, variations have developed.

So here is a list of all the various Christmas drinks consumed in different parts of the world, all in the name of Holy Spirit, and more…

North America

USA – Hot Buttered Rum
The American, deep flavored rum-based concoction. A buttery, sweet-and-spicy batter is ladled into beer mugs, dissolved in hot water or cider and mixed in with alcohol and/or cream. Serve with nutmeg garnish!



EggnogMade with raw whipped egg, sugar and cream or milk, Eggnog is often combined with “winter spirits” like rum, brandy or bourbon. In the old days, the drink was mixed by rapidly pouring the mix from one jug into another, then served in “nogs” or small alcohol cups, and topped with powdered cinnamon and nutmeg.


Mexico – Ponche with tequila
If android was a drink, it would be made in Mexico! This drink is “customizable” – for lack of a better word. The base is a brown cane-sugar and cinnamon punch, and can be played around with. Add apples, guavas, tejocotes, or raisins, walnuts or even tamarind and/or hibiscus. Simmer it all in a big pot and combine with rum, brandy or tequila.


South America

Argentina – Apple Cider and Sparkling Wine
Fruit and spice go hand-in-hand on Christmas. Apple cider, or soft cider is the non-alcoholic content of this drink. Since the home made kind is unsweetened, cinnamon is added for flavor. And to complete the drink, pour sparkling white wine for the fizz of the Christmas fuzz!


Chile – Ponche a la romana
Fill a stemmed glass halfway with sparkling white wine. Then, top with pineapple ice cream or sorbet. Garnish with fresh or canned pineapple pieces. Your Christmas cocktail is ready!


Denmark – Julebryg
What we really love about Denmark is that they have an alcohol exclusively for Christmas. And not just any drink, it’s the common man’s party favorite: the beer! Tuborg Julebryg is the liquor store’s bestseller throughout December.


Finland – Jouluolut
Another beer limited to Christmas, the Jouluolut is the Finnish brother of the Danish Julebryg. But the difference is that this beer is more homely than brazen.


France – Champagne
The French are known for all things extravagant and all things charming. And which alcohol is more extravagant and charming than the Bubbly? Named after the town in which this drink is made, it is a handsome white wine. And very pricey, too!


Germany – Glühwein
Germans do everything perfectly. Even their Christmas drink serves a purpose! In a country where December temperatures drop low, their spiced mulled wine is served hot to keep the cold out. The warm spices contrasting the citrus essence of the fruits combine in the base of red wine, and make for a beverage ypu sip next to the fireplace and the tree.


Ireland – Black and tan
This drink represents the Irish play on the alchemy of alcohols. You can make this pouring a beer glass/mug halfway with a denser pale ale or Lager and then using a convex-side-up spoon to fill the rest of the glass with the lower density stout or Guinness Draught. Do not try to reverse the order, you don’t want to waste good beer. And…. Chug chug chug!!!


Italy – Prosecco
Known as the poorer Italian counterpart of the French Champagne, this white wine is named after the grapes it was made from. Available in sparkling, semi-sparkling and still forms.


Latin America

Jamaica – Sorrel
They say that wine is the blood of the Lord. Well, this beverage is the evidence. It looks so much like blood that the resemblance is bordering on uncanny. Made with rum, and paired with the rum-filled Christmas cake; prepare for a helluva booze buzz.


Cuba – Crema De Vie
Literally translating to “Cream of Life”, the Cuban Eggnog is apt for the day that marks the birth of Jesus Christ. And even mere mortals will rejuvenate after drinking this. To prepare, follow the recipe of Canada, but with full cream and add condensed milk for an extra creamy experience!


There you have it… 13 wonderful drinks for 12 days of Christmas, because an extra one never hurts! So, which one are you going to try? Let us know in the comments section!!!

P.S: Merry Christmas!


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