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100% Pay Hike To The MPs of Rajya Sabha for 46% Productivity?


The recent proposal and the subsequent unanimous decision of the 100 % pay hike to the MPs in the Rajya Sabha has come amidst the poor working of the parliament. The Parliamentarians who already get around Rs. 1.4 Lakhs a month will now get Rs. 2.8 Lakhs, if the proposal pending before the Finance Minister is accepted.

Well it’s not bad is it?

Work for 46% of a month and get a double pay for such incompetence.


Another interesting thing is that these people whom we call as our representatives aren’t even elected directly by us! The term used by Arun Jaitley in the NJAC debate has its apt usage here,” Tyranny of the unelected”.  The Rajya Sabha MPs are actually not elected directly by the people but are representatives from each state.


On the Newshour today, there was an ex- Rajya Sabha MP by the name Mohammed Adeeb and he had a wonderful explanation to justify the hike. He said that the people are too critical of the representatives and they take so much pain and are accountable to the people of their constituency.

Well, with all due respect sir, it’s crap what you are talking.

Firstly, we hardly get to talk to our MPs and we need to take their appointments, which are as easy as going to the moon.

Secondly, you aren’t doing us a favour and you are not here to make profits, you are in the Parliament to put forward our issues and serve the people of this nation.

The other Government employees have got a rise of only 23.55% and that too after 7 years. The pension they get is after 25 years of service. What about you parliamentarians? Get laundry paid for, use electricity and water for free, have your phone bills paid for with our money. Why should we be expected to pay taxes then?

Now I can understand why the Income Tax department works so efficiently when it comes to the scrutiny of the returns of the common man. It’s because we pay for you guys. A bad investment which we are forced to make, by law!

And guess who makes the laws, YOU!

In the past session the Rajya Sabha has passed only nine bills and functioned with a mindblowing 46% productivity    (thanks to the Congress majority) causing a loss of about Rs. 10 crores to the exchequer. Is this the kind of an UPPER house we want in our country? People who decide their own salaries with no productivity at all? Is this how the largest democracy should function?  Do we or do we not need a revolution?


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