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Picture Story: Delhi’s Own Tibet


Delhi in true sense is a place that beautifully portrays cultural diversity. A place that is rich with history and that sings victory songs of battered warriors, and battles. This place has scars that were deeply inflicted, and this place also has been a protector- of realms and individuals alike. Amidst this beautiful distortion there’s a refuge, refuge from harm and hostility- Majnu-Ka-Tilla. A haven pregnant with a meaningful anecdote. Majnu-Ka-Tilla is a Gurudwara situated on the banks of river Yamuna, as per the memoir; a Muslim Hermit who ferried people across was bestowed upon with blessings by Guru Nanak Dev, later this place became the sanctity for numerous refugees from Tibet. It’s not in vain that it is also known as ‘Little Tibet’.



Flamboyant with its past and now present, this place is full of people from different groups and believes. It is not only famous for the Gurudwara, but also the Buddhist Temple and the monastery. It’s absolutely beautiful how the entire ‘Chungtown’ is covered with different prayer flags, each flag has its own texture and color, and each of them holds different perspective- the five elements become their ground meaning. This place  is perfectly blended in with Tibetan colors, you will absolutely fall in love with the people and their beliefs.



Talking about Majnu-Ka-Tilla and not talking food! This place has authentic Tibetan delicacies to offer which are of course cooked to perfection, you surely can’t miss the food and drinks here. From small eating joints to fine dining you’ll find it all here. Also, it fits your budget. Go hog as much you want!


Clothes and footwear

It’s a shopper’s paradise, especially if you have a free spirited dressing sense. From casual tees and hot pants, to that one beautiful black dress- you’ll find it all here. Shoes are other huge attraction- you name it and they have it sneakers, loafers, boots, sandals, peep toes, wedges and the list goes on. People here are mighty friendly, your good words might get you a good bargain too! (We can feel your eyes glinting with joy!)


Curio shops

You are bound to find various curio shops in every nook and corner of Majnu Ka Tilla, they are named rightly so for they have such beautiful and panoramic souvenirs and artifacts to offer, it becomes rather hard to choose what to buy and what to leave. Those curious little things are bound to make you fall in love with them. Whether it’s an “OM MANI PADME HUM” festoon or a very different looking art work, you won’t be disappointed.


Narrow winding passages, different colorful shops adjacent to one another, people draped in ethnic Tibetan attire, smell of authentic incense wafting in the air and prayer chants echoing in ensemble. The hang of river water flowing near by and Tibetan delicacies in every nook and corner of the Chungtown- It is absolutely mesmerizing The Prayer drum and Buddhist Temples adds on to the beauty. If you’re a photographer or a traveler- This place will own your soul.

Come on, fellas! Let that little explorer in you be unleashed!


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