People of the housing complexes are isolating dog owners and even the ones who feed stray dogs are being threatened by the residents of the neighboring colonies.

The Incident

In Sector 70 Noida, a twenty-eight-year-old man named Apoorv Singh was walking his dog in the neighborhood compound when he was confronted by some of the residents who seemed offended because his dog was not wearing a muzzle.

They cautioned him to reckon with the notice against escorting pet dogs for a stroll in the vicinity, that was distributed by the authorities of their housing complex.

Taking the facts of the incident into consideration, the people who confronted Apoorv Singh were in possession of an old notice that indicated owners were not impelled to put muzzles on their pets. “One man started touching my dog to provoke him and when my dog retaliated, he started telling everyone that my dog bit him,” Apoorv Singh reported.

Previous Events That Led To Residents’ Hatred Against Dogs

Several instances where local residents and pedestrians were attacked by street dogs as well as trained pet dogs have questioned the role and duties of the RWAs (Resident Welfare Associations) and maintenance authorities in housing colonies.

Recently two children, one of age 10 in Noida and another 11 years old in Ghaziabad, were brutally attacked by dogs. The last-mentioned victim had to undergo an operation that resulted in 150 stitches over his face.

In Panvel, Mumbai, a Zomato delivery worker was bitten by a German Shepherd on his way to deliver food in a high-rise complex. All three incidents have currently gone viral on social media.

RWAs’ Reaction

Resident Welfare Associations of the Indian cities have been apathetic towards the dogs and their owners. Posts flooding the social networking sites give different levels of warning, some even entreating people to look out for ‘dog-lovers’ rather than ‘dogs.’

Some of the media centers proclaimed that the Supreme Court had recently issued an order stating that the dog feeders would be held accountable if the dogs attacked anyone. However, Lok Sabha MP, Maneka Gandhi and Animal rights activists claimed it was “fake news.” 

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Aggression Against Dog Owners And Pet Lovers

Humans treat pets like their own children.

Vidit Sharma, a member of an animal welfare organization named ‘Save a Stray,’ says that he received around 30 objections from pet owners and dog feeders against local residents who are harassing them.

Sharma claims that although the upsetting reactions over dog bites are valid and that the dog feeders and owners should act in accordance with the other residents, reducing human-animal dispute, some people may also use this state of commotion as an opportunity to trouble dog lovers.

“Pet owners are being targeted by their society administrations. Some people in Greater Noida have called to say that their societies have banned them from keeping a pet,” Sharma reported.

Coexisting Harmoniously

The people who feed the street dogs should abide by the instructions of the animal protection board and find a particular spot to feed the animals. This way they can stay away from disagreements with the other inhabitants of the housing society.

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