The world is more often than not a really sad and miserable place. Crime, hate, toxic people, trolling, corruption and more are things we all face almost every single day.

Whether it be in our real life or through news and media, it is always shoved into our faces of how bad the world can really be.

But then you come across these small acts of kindness and charity that seem to instill some small bit of hope in you, that maybe it is not all garbage.

Something similar was noticed by a Twitter user who posted about the interesting ‘Wall of Kindness’ they saw in Noida.

The Twitter user @deepaliranaa posted on March 16th, 2021 about this wall that was near to their office.

The photos they posted showed a wall with clothes placed on hooks and a signboard of ‘Wall of Kindness’ or ‘Neki ki Deewar’.

It had the line “Jo aapke paas adhik hai yaha chhod jaye. Jo aapke paas nahi hai yaha se le jaye” written under the name in Hindi. The line translates to “If you have something in excess, leave it here. If there is something you don’t have, take it from here.”

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Wall Of Kindness In Noida

Apparently this ‘Wall of Kindness’ is located in Noida’s Film City and comes from the concept of people leaving any excess clothing or items that they want to donate on these walls.

People who are in need can take any item they wish off from the wall free of cost.

This concept actually comes from an anonymous Iranian sometime in 2015 for homeless people of Mashhad, Iran. This encourages people to donate clothing items that they are not in need of instead of throwing them away.

It initially helped a lot of needy and homeless people during the harsh winter weather as a lot of people left their winter clothing on these hooks on the ‘Wall of Kindness’.

Over time the concept expanded to including open fridges and bookshelves and more.

From there the concept travelling to various cities in India too with it being called “Neki ki Deewar” and being installed in Chandigarh, Bhopal, Dehradun, Kolkata and more.

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Sources: Hindustan Times, BBC, Wikipedia

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