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Mizoram is one of the seven sister states adorning the map of India on the north-eastern part. This incredibly picturesque, far-flung state significantly augments the diversity of our country with its rich treasure of flora, fauna, and unsung traditions.

Apart from its natural belongings, the tranquil state of Mizoram is also known to be the home of some genuinely honest, hospitable, and humble people who have a simple approach to life, the Mizos. 

The life of the Mizo community abides by the term- Tlawmngaihna that means the compelling moral force which finds expression in self-sacrifice for the service of others.

Upholding their nature, the Mizo farmers have curated astounding commerce which embodies nothing but trust and honesty- Nghah Loh Dawr which means shop with no keeper in the local dialect. 

Along the narrow and hillside roads of Seling, a town about 65 kilometers away from the state capital, Aizawl, farmers set up small shops of various farm products and entrust them entirely to the ethics of the community. 

At these shops, vegetables, fruits, flowers, and other farm produce are kept for sale along with a rate list and a container, called Pawisa Bawm, into which customers can put the money.

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Though it might only be a distant dream for others, the ‘Land of the hill people’- Mizoram flourishes the culture of Nghah Loh Dawr for quite some time now.

As working in the farmlands was a priority, the Mizo farmers had begun this practice because they couldn’t spare time and manpower to look after the shops. But these shops, besides being a source of income, gives a message of solidarity and compassion.

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