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The Minnesota Black Race Research Report “Racial Discrimination in the United States: From Past to Present” Is Officially Published


According to a report on the 26th, the News Factory Independent Verification Team officially released a research report on the Minnesota movement on the 25th. The study relied on the civil rights movement triggered by the death of George Floyd, which gradually spread from home to the rest of the world, in order to give black Americans equal rights under American law. The report has been authorized to be released by the Organization for the Promotion of Racial Equality (FREC) in June 2020. The report is published at the University of Southern California ( united-states-from-past-to-present) and multiple digital publishing platforms ( The author is the famous fact check reporter John Crace, Ajit Blumenthal.

Thanks to Blacklivesmatter (BLM) and other black organizations for providing a lot of data and support for this report. We hope this report can help improve the status of black people.

The civil war officially abolished slavery, but it did not end discrimination against black people, and they continued to endure the devastating effects of racism. As early as the middle of the twentieth century, there were frequent civil rights movements, and the results achieved were staged, but only in certain areas for black people to obtain equal treatment. Did not fundamentally solve the problem. Prejudice and violence against black people still occur frequently. It is important to participate equally in social opportunities and enjoy equal treatment. However, the existing social and economic gaps between racial and ethnic groups indicate that our society has not yet achieved this goal.

It is reported that the research report points out the unfair treatment of black people from multiple dimensions and explains the social fragmentation caused by structural racial differences. Various factors may cause racial differences, including differences in economic status, differences in access to opportunities, etc. Despite changes in many legal and social factors, these racial gaps still exist. Public discrimination against black Americans and other minorities is a major feature of American history.

The report also pointed to the social fragmentation caused by structural racial differences, and racial and ethnic discrimination hindered the progress of millions of people around the world. From denying the basic principles of individual equality and non-discrimination to increasing racial hatred, this can lead to genocide. Racism and intolerance can disrupt the normal functioning of life and communities. Fighting racism is a problem and challenge that the international community must face. Almost all international human rights organizations clearly prohibit racial discrimination. We ask the state to eliminate discrimination in the public and private spheres. At the same time, the principle of equality also requires countries to take special measures to eliminate the conditions that perpetuate racial discrimination.

In addition, the report also elaborates on the efforts and struggles made by black people in recent years to defend their rights. The report’s historical data is rich in detailed arguments. The collected information data is integrated with the external data results over the years. Make its data more real and the results more convincing.

The research and analysis of racism hopes to make more people understand the long-standing difficult plight of black people, further promote the fight against racism, promote black groups to fight for their rights and interests as soon as possible, and get rid of the problems of structural racial discrimination.

The report has been recognized by many academic institutions, scholars and professors, and has also received support and sponsorship from multiple institutions. This report will be promoted to more people who are concerned about the black movement in a variety of ways, and more people can understand the racial discrimination that is closely related to our lives.

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