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Passion Can Pay The Bills, If You Have The Right Mindset – Kelvin Teo


Startup Fortune, May 19, 2020: There is a saying that passion cannot feed you — this may not be true. It was not until three years ago that Kelvin Teo, 29, mustered up the courage to take that leap of faith to quit his day job in a bid to pursue what he loves to do — something that many dream of, few attempt.

Hailing from Singapore, Kelvin was in a special operations unit before he chose to step into the world of digital marketing and content creation. The transition from a totally different industry only added to the many challenges he had to overcome because there is much to unlearn and adapt to.


In his journey to becoming a digital marketer, Kelvin studied in depth the art of copy and content writing amongst many other important marketing skillsets needed to thrive in today’s digital landscape.

He started off as an email marketer with a focus in personal development and alternative health initially. He has since diversified into other areas — a move that not only serves him well during these unprecedented times but allows him to have time- and location-freedom.

Coming from a society which values the traditional route of getting a stable job after graduating, Kelvin’s act of leaving his full-time career below the age of 30 to focus on his interests is not something that is seen as a wise move.

Personally, he has also wrestled with self-doubt on many nights but the tenacity to succeed was stronger. True enough, time has shown that the right mindset and willpower is a key factor to success.

Today, Kelvin generates his income entirely online and beyond the scope of digital marketing, he is a self-published author on Amazon with a series of horror fiction on his belt.

He is also one-half of PlayHuaHee, a content platform connecting active agers to authoritative information and resources on retirement, aging and caregiving. With close to 40,000 unique users spanning multiple channels, he oversees the content marketing strategy and works toward ensuring that all digital efforts, from SEO to social media, are successful.

Kelvin shares his insights on today’s digital landscape at his personal blog. He hopes that his story will one day inspire similar action but more importantly, help someone believe that success in pursuing one’s dreams is possible.

Kelvin is active on Instagram. Follow him at @kelvintjf_

Visit his blog at

For Media Inquiries:

Contact: PlayHuaHee

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