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Parents Are Awesome.





As I was crossing the DU campus today I saw a lot of parents along with their children struggling in this heat, moving from college to college; looking for a nice comfortable place to accommodate their “little ones” and it got me thinking about how much we take for granted the support of our parents. And yet, we never thank them enough for all that they do for us. The generation today, is far from grateful and we instead find it “cool” to rebel against every decision our parents make for us. Yes, this is the rather upsetting truth for me, you, and for hundreds of us .



Oh sure, we wish our parents on mother’s day and father’s day but a very few would even care to talk to them everyday. We are more bothered about, say, watching a movie, hanging out with our friends, studying, our job,etc. There is always something “more important to do”. Isn’t it a shame how that is never the case when it comes to our parents and their priorities? How somehow, we always manage to be numero uno in their list of priorities?



Its not that we don’t love our parents. Of course, every child loves their parents but its just that we don’t express it enough. We end up hurting them (by our meaningless rebellions) more than we would like to in our right minds. And for what? Just for some stupid decisions that we would anyway regret making?



Now of course, their are exceptions here too. Not all decisions we make are wrong and sometimes what we want to do may be the best for us even if our parents don’t get it. But there are perhaps better ways of convincing  our folks than banging doors and throwing things or even using raised voices, right?










Sometimes, all we need to do is remember how awesome our mother is. How she manages to cook the best food, find everything that you lose in your messy room (and then clean your messy room :P),  listen to your issues and come up with a solution. And then there are fathers. They make appear to be strict and scary but that’s just on the surface. Inside, aren’t dads just great? They buy you whatever you want, they are there when you want to play a game or two and your friends aren’t around. Be it a big event where you are performing or getting rewarded or a tragedy where you a shoulder to cry on, parents stick around. So why shouldn’t we too? It sure isn’t that hard to pull them up in our priority list, is it? Forget fathers day or mothers day.. Pick everyday to love your parents, be nice to them. Maybe, even buy your mother a gift today? Visit your dad at work, say, with his favourite lunch?

Think about it! :)



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