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Keep calm because it is first year !!



The transformation from a school nerd to a college hottie is always special for everybody. The first day of college, the first college friend, the first year, it is all very special. You get to enjoy a lot and learn a lot. However, there are a few things, which we should all take care of before going to college.

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  • We might be interested in buying all those trendy clothes and stuff but I must tell you what is going to matter is how you are and how you carry yourself. In college it is never about how expensive your clothes are, it is all about how cool and confident you are. So, please try and save some of your parents money on something more worthy.
  • When you have the freedom, you have to make the decisions for yourself. You have to find your priorities. We all love to hang out, spend the nights talking to the roommate, exploring the new city, but just keep a little thing in your mind. Don’t let the real purpose get defeated. We must have heard, “Beta, 12th tak padhlo fir to aish hai.” Mind you, do not take such advices by heart. College years are crucial too. They will take you to the next level of your life.
  • Keep yourselves engaged in whatever you like. You just cannot sit free in the most energetic days of your life. Find those clubs and societies in the college that you like. There are various ventures working in every university to engage new students and give them an experience of lifetime. Join at least one. This will surely help to build up your confidence and skills.
  • Don’t brag, but do not keep your talents hidden too. There is not going to be a school like treatment where the teacher will motivate everybody. You have to have some level of self-motivation. When you start enjoying all this you will explore a whole new world which was completely unknown to you. Show it off a little bit. May be that makes you a college star.


These years in your bachelors’ college are the most special part of your life. Have the maximum fun you can. Do not ever feel under confident because the way you are no one else is.


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