As an Indian, you’ve definitely subjected yourself to the wonderful taste of Pani Puri and it would be no surprise to see our delicacy being embraced abroad for the flavourful foodgasm it creates.

There are many stories that talk about the origin of Pani Puri and it originated in modern-day Uttar Pradesh around the time when Shah Jahan ruled in the 17th century. 

Another story states that royal doctors urged the general population to eat fried and spicy snacks to balance the alkaline quality of the water of River Yamuna.

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Now the Pani Puri fever has completely gripped the country and nations worldwide with the explosion of flavours that make your tears come and mouth gasping for breath and yet this experience is far more pleasurable than it sounds. 

However, this doesn’t have a standardized name and goes by Golgappa in Delhi, Batashe in Uttar Pradesh and Puchka in Kolkata. And often Indians are found arguing about which city serves the best but no decisive answer has been found.

There’s no room for finesse here as you break open the shell, stuff the masala inside and fill it with spicy coriander and mint water and immediately have it burst in your mouth. 

Pani puri is often compared to a gastronomical adventure sport where you have to pop it in your mouth as your turn comes and it won’t be surprising if you end up eating more than a dozen at one go!

Often, people abroad who have never before exposed themselves to the flavourful burst have a moment to themselves to come up with an adjective to describe its tangy and crispy texture. And if not all, most people right after one pani puri, fall in love with the magical world of this little Indian street food.

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