Imagine yourself encapsulated by the mystical clouds of Meghalaya!

Mawlynnong, a paradise with merely 82 households, is the cleanest village in India – an eco-tourism initiative garnering a lot of curiosity worldwide.

There’s an ethereal charm about this village that makes you look into its offbeat aesthetic and the villagers would quite fittingly call this parish ‘God’s own garden’ and visitors can immediately feel the vibe once they step in.

The people use the waste as manure for cultivation in the village through which they maintain their ambiance as a ‘litter-free’ village. 

The dwellers of the village take the onus of keeping the place clean, and activities like picking up leaves and throwing garbage in the bamboo garbage bin is a very common sight.

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The village also boasts a cent per cent literacy rate and is on a mission to ban plastic and conserve the forest, making it one of the country’s hubs of environment-conscious souls. 

Walking around the village, one can understand that this cleanliness is not a gimmick as the homes of the Khasi people who live here also abide by this practice.

For a quintessential traveller seeking to gauge the touristic offerings of Mawlynnong, the village provides an assortment of panoramic sights including ones from the Indo-Bangladesh border.

In addition, a trek to the Living Root Bridge at neighbouring Riwai along with the sight of a strange natural phenomenon of a boulder balancing on another rock can satiate the whims and fancies of a trekker in the heart. 

The Living Root Bridge especially is a natural wonder that one can experience. The roots of two rubber trees have intertwined to form a bridge over one of the water bodies flowing downstream. Carbon dating reveals that the bridge is in the making over the last 1100 years.

With Europeans finding their sanctuary here often, the quaint little hamlet remains an adobe for peace-seekers. Though residential facilities are scarce, the existing ones made of bamboo and thatch are quite cosy and homely to say the least.

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