Luna, a J-pop artist from the girl group ‘AsianZ’ is the main vocalist and started her solo project to convert popular Indian songs into the Japanese language.

This is clearly a very interesting development to connect the cultures of two different nations through music and provide the audience with exciting blends. 

A lot of Indian movies like Baahubali, English Vinglish and 3 Idiots have gained popularity in Japan, although Indian music did not find so much recognition.

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Luna was amazed to see that Indian music had such a beautiful meaning and decided to showcase the energy and vitality of Indian songs in Japanese. She writes Japanese lyrics from original ones in the local Indian languages. 

“It is hard work to find a perfect translation for songs considering different sounds that each language has. Therefore, I sometimes write Japanese lyrics from scratch to make them fit and retain their original message,” Luna said.

In addition, Luna received many messages from the Indian audience on her songs. “They expect me to connect India and Japan through the project. Also, some people encourage me to spread a part of Indian culture to the world.

In the future, I would like to increase the number of songs I cover, not only from India but also from other Asian countries. In the end, I wish I could spread the beauty of multiple countries’ songs by covering them in Japanese,” she added.

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