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Online Gift Shopping : Bringing People Closer Together


Online Shopping.

Two words that have completely changed the way in which us Indians used to shop.

Gone are the days of wandering around in huge markets like Sarojini Nagar and Janpath, shifting through hordes of clothes and other items, in order to find the perfect one for you.

Gone are the days of losing at least a few grams of weight, what with how much we’d all sweat while meandering through these markets.

Gone are the days of fighting and bargaining with the shopwallahs, and their absurdly sky high prices.

Now, one can literally sit around in their pajamas, eat some snacks and bask in the cool air of the A/C, while shopping for almost everything under the sun.

But while shopping for regular items was one area accomplished, there was still one section that you had to leave the comforts of your home for.


And it was the act of buying a gift for someone.

Gifts were the one small section that was extremely difficult to shop for online, mainly since very few websites actually provided services pertaining to it.

However, slowly but surely, the fine art of sending gifts online, is taking over the country.

A few e-commerce sites have started delivering gifts, but even in that the items are severely limited and most of them are solid objects and not perishable items like edible items or flowers.

Even still, there are still restrictions like long time in delivering, areas especially small towns where they don’t deliver and such.


But there are a few sites, like India Gift and all, which provide a wide range of gifts, including cakes, flowers and such.

India Gift especially, I would like to mention is one site that has seriously impressed me.

So, basically they have 3 great points that just work in their favour, midnight delivery, same day delivery and small town delivery.

The midnight delivery aspect is one I am most excited about since this way I can surprise my friends and relatives with a cake and gift at midnight right on their birthday, more so if I cannot be there physically.


This is just one site, there are a few more that are popping up and this new tradition is something that I can definitely get on board with.

Online gift shopping is quickly developing and becoming extremely popular among the Indian population.

Signing off, I would just like to say that this new way of giving gifts has definitely made life simpler and in a way, allowed people to get closer and show their care and love for one another.


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