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One Stop Shop For All Things Electronic: My Review Of Trying To Find Information On Latest Technology


Ok, so I will start off with the fact that although I’m pretty comfortable with technology and am usually quite interested in all the new innovations in this sector, I am also quite simple in my tastes with it comes to technology.

See, I am not one of those who take a million selfies or even normal photos and send 20 hours in a day online.

But at the same time, I do enjoy certain features, like a decent camera, massive amounts of storage space and a fairly smooth system along with good battery life.

In today’s day and age though, it has become quite difficult to be able to buy something electronic without a better and upgraded version of it coming it within the next few months.

Now, I had been looking around to buy a few tech items, and usually while doing so, I like to browse through various lists and such that are compiled online.

These lists can actually be a lifesaver for someone like me, as I am able to see and compare the various different items in that range and buy the best one for myself.

This time though, I will be going through the 6 lists I found, and give a brief review on each on:

  1. Best Phones under 20000


Seeing as I am now an earning employee, this category does not seem as scary as it once used to be.

Ok, so getting down to the review of this list.

One of the plus points of it is that some of the selections are not from the mainstream companies, which I found quite useful.

Their format too is quite user friendly, with the name of phone, image, basic spec, reviews of users divided based on areas of the phone and then a star rating of all the spec, actually impressed me.

However, one thing that I did not like was that many of them were from the same company, which in my opinion, limited their selections. If possible, they could collect all the phones from the same brand into one area or select just one phone out of the many.

  1. Best Phones under 10000


Again, the format of the list and lesser known smartphones were appreciated.

But have to say, that if the 20k list was good, then this saw a bit of drop in its ability to impress me.

Most of the phones were frankly, not that impressive and again, a lot of repetition of phones from the same brand.

  1. Best Mobile Phones in India


Ok, have to say that this list was far and away much better than the other two.

Although it had fan favourites like Nexus and Apple, along with Samsung, but the mobile phones actually seemed to fit the title of ‘Best Mobile Phones in India’.

  1. Best Headphones under 2000


Guys guys guys… let me get one thing straight, I love music. And I usually have my earphones plugged into my ear practically the entire day.

Sometimes I am listening to music, but sometimes it works as a great way to deter any conversation with other… human beings.

And this list is a good one, with it listing some pretty well known and reliable brands that produce good earphones.

Oh, and another plus point that I forgot to mention, they also have links to various E-Commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart and all, so if one likes a particular piece, you can just click on that button and voila, you are ready to order.

  1. Best Earphones under 1000


This list was also good, with some great budget earphones listed in it.

Especially for someone like me, who goes through at least 2 earphones in a year, budget is the way to go.

But, I did notice a repeat of some earphones from the 2000 category, which was well… unnecessary?

  1. Best Headphones in India


I think these kind of lists, that are not centred around a particular category or pricing, are much better than the former one.

Akin to the ‘Best Phones’ list, this one too seemed quite better in comparison to the other two.

One suggestion for the earphone lists though could be to add another column into it, and that to be of the best feature of those particular set.

Meaning, certain earphones are much better for bass sounds, where others are good at letting outside noise one, which are needed if one is jogging or something.

So, that was it, my impression of these lists and what I felt worked and areas where they could be improved.

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Chirali Sharma
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