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On and off the court, Roman Perez makes it happen


Playing around the world, running his own leagues, and inspiring others while at it, is what Roman Perez is all about. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY wasn’t easy as his parents wouldn’t let him go out and play. For this reason he started to train and work on his game at age 16. After years of catching up, at the age of 23 he played 2 years of college basketball which led to him playing 12 years professionally in the US and Overseas.

“It hasn’t been an easy journey, but through perseverance I was always able to pull through”. Off the court Perez is the founder of the Dudo Baez foundation, which is named after his late father who passed away in 2014. The foundation provides opportunity to youth and adults with camps, clinics and tournaments so they can continue to follow their dreams. “My father Dudo always believed in people’s dreams, and that is something I carry with his name through sports”.

Perez recently joined the World known Court Kingz team, where he will use his home given streetball name, “da Gift”. What we can learn from this is that no matter the obstacles we face in life, we must never quit and keep on pushing forward.

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