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How Osman Saleemi aka @Sir, created one of the best Instagram pages for lovers of opulence


Learn to appreciate the finer pleasures of life by getting the latest insider tips on fashion, art, architecture and way of living from Osman Saleemi’s exquisite Instagram page – @Luxury

When glamour and elegance are the prime things you seek in life, you will know that there are certain lifestyle standards you need to adhere to feel what luxury truly is. And there’s no better way to get inspiration for a posh lifestyle than a quick look at Instagram @Luxury by @sir or Osman Saleemi as he is popularly known, which taps into these needs of yours and brings to you the finest of everything from across the world – from real estate to exotic travel destinations, gourmet cuisine to fashion updates. No wonder, it has among its 10 million followers, the brightest star of the world Cristiano Ronaldo!

However, no description of lifestyle influencing accounts remains fulfilled without a broad peek into the life and motto of the creator- the influencer themselves. Similarly, to know @Luxury better, you ought to know the mastermind behind such elegance – Osman Saleemi. Sophisticated and stylish, Saleemi owns a company which specialises in commodities. He launched @Luxury as an online marketing agency on Instagram for high-end fashion and has promoted some of the highly sought-after and exclusive designer labels and brands across the world- Marc Jacobs, Ritz Carlton, Ferrari, Loius Vuitton, Mercedes, Four Seasons, Aston Martin- the list is endless. With an eye for class, Saleemi has curated both his personal Instagram account and his brand page with some of the exquisite class of beauty – be it an astounding bookstore in China where every inch is covered by books, delectable viands at Michelin Starred restaurants, or a breathtaking view of the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore – you will witness a kaleidoscope of magnificence and splendour. It is his unique and urbane take on the modern lifestyle that has helped him launch numerous successful enterprises from this platform.

While you might assume that Osman Saleemi’s business is limited to online lifestyle influencing, in reality, he has branched out in several other business avenues. In fact, his fashionable assets company has forged successful partnerships with governments of many countries. Despite that, he always stresses the urgency of social media marketing and the lucrative scope it has in the present-day trend of online retail therapy. Saleemi is now confidently expanding his business and hopes to promote all luxury brands through social media and launch an online Luxury magazine in the the foreseen future

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