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Aman Bassi unique style to portray her artistic side



Aman Bassi is that one person that’s always away from the crowd but stands out the most. Her unique style of dressing up and her high style fashion taste with a mix of street style is always catching the eyes of people. It can be wearing her Gucci tracksuit from her debut music video “Chaali Jaan De” or the signature Louis Vutton jacket with moon boots and pink track suit from “Vibe” Then completely switching it up in “Hollywood Hills” with a retro look as well as a net custom made outfit. That’s not it, in “What is love” she completely wowed everyone in the black shiny dress with a touch of James Bond theme look, perfectly matching the red lipstick. Now on to “Get up and Leave” even though that music video has not come out from what we’ve seen she went with a more vintage look. This girl can do it all from baggy sweatpants to red carpet ready. Aman can pull off any look. 

Her high taste of fashion comes from her lifestyle as an artist and director. Aman said “She dresses to express herself and she loves going all out in her music videos. To do looks she can’t do everyday on day to day bases.” Recently, Aman did a photoshoot with a custom made high end fashion designer jacket by Fokis Brand and Converse. She rocked the braids with an all black outfit and white Converse sneakers. She pulled that look off so perfectly. “I didn’t know turtle necks were my thing till I did this shoot, now I am obsessed” Aman said. 

With being a director and an artist Aman is now also a fashion icon on social media. Many follow her for her unique street style. “I feel like my fashion has 2 personalities, I like being comfortable in my clothes. If I’m not in tracksuits or sweats and hoodies then I am full glam, there is no in between. I grew up playing sports and being very athletic, my fashion reflects that. I love to include some of my favourite high end fashion pieces to spice things up a little, it gives me confidence.” Aman said. 

With having good taste in fashion and having a lifestyle that revolves around high end fashion, We asked Aman if she would ever consider modeling, her response “I have been offered many times from brands but right now I am focused on my craft which is music. I would like to get into modeling maybe in the future one day but right now I like being behind the camera and in front of it for my own personal projects. I am blessed with opportunities and collaborations that have come my way but I wouldn’t make modeling my thing, I just wanna do things my way and do them freely. I have an amazing team behind me and we just like to do our own thing and dress up, doing what we wanna do just to enjoy it. I enjoy fashion and dressing up, it’s fun but if we put a title on it as ‘modeling’ then it’ll become more like a job.. Right now it’s just passion and fun. It’s fun to do photoshoots and post them for the world to see and it’s cool to see many people like my taste and style.” 

Aman said she is focused on her career right now but she is planning on opening a fashion line for street style and also a glam line as well. She said she wants to collaborate with brands and design special pieces. “I have an idea for a tracksuit which I wanna design for Burberry, hopefully soon.” 

Aman Bassi is releasing her music video in January and can’t wait to see the full product. We are sure she will look dashing in it as always. Best of luck to Aman for her future in fashion, music and film. 

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