Nourdine Hmaimou an up-and-coming footballer from the United Kingdom is ready to take on the Football world by storm.

“Originally, his parents are from Morocco, but I live in Aberfeldy which is an area based in Poplar in London, United Kingdom,” he said in a 2018 interview.

The game of football demands skill and commendable physical strength. Nourdine is blessed with the perfect blending of both terrific skill and strength. At the age of nineteen, he is 5 ft 10-inch tall with a strong built. His physique helps him to move fast on the ground and tackle competitors with ease. Having a natural stint for football, he started playing at a young age. He started his career with the West Ham Development team.

Nourdine felt ecstatic when the coach named him captain and he is very proud of his accomplishment thus far with the team.

But it wasn’t just about the fame and the glory for Hmaimou, in fact he once said “it was something that I was brought up around, especially during my childhood. Everyone was competitive, and I was the only person to use that as a benefit to improve myself. I loved to have fun in my youth days.”

Interestingly enough, at one point in his life, Hmaimou was a pretty good Table Tennis player as well, winning several competitions between the ages of 12 and 15. But football was always his one true love and he credits the game with having changed his life.

In 2018, he looked back on those days and said, “I remember the majority of the boys I was surrounded by used to get lured into the wrong path, and fortunately for me, my immensely strong love for Football allowed me to stay away from all that.”

From the beginning, Nourdine knew he had a natural love for the game. He said, “it was something that I was brought up around, especially during my childhood.

Nourdine grew up playing soccer every single day so he naturally got in the habit of playing as much as he could, whether it was competitive, practice, or just with some friends. He trains hard twice a week & has at least one game a week, sometimes two.

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