“Authenticity, honesty, and personal voice underlie much of what’s successful on the Web.” Well, the digital world is evolving as per the generation and the demands of digital marketing are growing day by day. All of the stars, brands, and even groceries business etc are promoting their services as well as themselves through digital marketing. As social media presence decides your offscreen or offline presence nowadays. 

When we talk about the job of a digital marketer, then we should think of the struggle and hard work they go through. Simmranjit Singh founded his own digital marketing agency named Diggitopedia in 2016. A digital marketer with lots of hopes and struggles has been working in the industry for the last 7 years. He was having a keen interest in social media since his childhood days and then this interest became his profession and with his social media skills and extraordinary ideas, Simmranjit has now become a well-known name in the digital marketing industry. 

After years of struggle now he and his company are having 51 clients as they think of the quality first rather than the quantity. He has gained a lot of experience and keeping those experiences in mind, he said that never give up and if you fail don’t worry it will teach you the best and one day you will be the master in the field you are working for. Keep going and do not step back. He gives all of the credits for his success and achievements to his parents. He said that, because of my mother and father blessings, I am doing great. And one of my mentors, Aviraj Partap, has always guided me when I was stuck, and with his guidance, I have learnt a lot. 

He believes that one needs to be emotional while doing any kind of business because when you work including your emotions you think of your client as your family and he considers his clients like his family. And always work to give the satisfying and best results from our work. I have many clients including, fashion designers, builders, celebrities, jewellers, e-commerce products sites, architectures, travel agencies and many more.  

Basically, my mission and vision is to change the industry of digital marketing because people think that they can do it on their own, however, they need practice as Practice and Passion to make a man perfect in this field. And he says that “you need to FOCUS and make it your vision if you will focus on only one this on a regular basis waheguru ji, will automatically give you that and never give up in life!”

And this industry craves passion, if you work using your amazing experience and skills then you will be the best and Simmranjit with this thought is working day and night to become the best digital marketer.

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