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Newly-launched young adult fantasy book by Nicole Kilpatrick scores great reviews


Nicole Kilpatrick recently released her breakout debut novel, Clover, a young adult fantasy that reimagines leprechaun lore. She was inspired to write by her lifelong love of reading and the desire to redefine leprechauns as powerful beings instead of mischievous little men guarding a pot of gold. Fans of Julie Kagawa and Holly Black will appreciate Kilpatrick’s expert worldbuilding, complex plotlines, and dynamic cast of characters. 

Clover follows the titular character Clover O’Leary as she turns eighteen and discovers that a handsome leprechaun is the reason she’s led such a remarkably charmed life. As her luck suddenly takes a turn for the worse, Clover learns that her name itself is a curse, a malicious gift from the wicked leprechaun who named her while she was still in the womb. In order to unravel the secrets of her past and break the spell that left her luckless, Clover must travel to Ireland to beg the Seelie Queen for help. With her leprechaun guardian beside her, she crosses into the Faerie Realm where she soon realizes that even though she may never regain her luck, she might find true love instead.

Reviewers describe Clover as “great fun” and “a page-turner that is sure to delight readers.” Although Clover is intended for young adults, readers of diverse backgrounds and tastes will find something to enjoy in Kilpatrick’s stunning debut. With an engaging tone and sense of humor, Kilpatrick deftly navigates themes of luck, love, and coming of age in a fantastical world. 

Nicole Kilpatrick was born and raised in the sun-kissed islands of the Philippines. After falling in love with The Godfather at twelve, she has since discovered her true passion in young adult fantasy. When she’s not writing, Kilpatrick can be found lounging in a cabin by a river or concocting recipes in her cozy kitchen in Brooklyn with her husband. Find out more by visiting her online at 

Clover is available for purchase on or any major retailers.

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