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Learn to Ace Your Life with Thais Gibson’s Expertise on Personal Development


The only person you are destined to become is the person you are” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. 

The discussion of difficult experiences must be destigmatized within society so that they can be understood and healed within individuals. The mind has a propensity to store beliefs, thoughts and feelings at a subconscious level that can often create challenges in our daily lives. Without uprooting these limiting thoughts and beliefs, they cannot be used to instead serve us. The best solution to change these thoughts is often personal development sessions, as they provide ample opportunity for self-reflection.

In recent times, personal wellbeing has become a prevalent issue, which has increased the need for those who help individuals improve their emotional wellbeing. Among these people is Thais Gibson, who is a personal development expert, teacher, and author. 

Improve Quality of Life Through Gibson’s Way

People learn from experiences, and Thais Gibson did too. Thais, at an early age, was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety. These clinical diagnoses resulted from challenges and trauma that Thais had endured earlier in life. She frequently felt as though that, despite educating herself on the traditional tools required to heal trauma, that she was not making true progress in changing her life.

It was then that she discovered the subconscious mind.

Many people often do not realize that the subconscious mind dictates 97% of the actions, thoughts, and behaviors from a scientific standpoint. Thus, if subconscious beliefs are left unchecked, they can affect the filter through which reality is seen, how one behaves, and how one communicates with others.

Thais had grasped the dynamics between the battle of a subconscious and conscious mind and was ready to transform herself and others. She completed her Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology and became certified in over thirteen modalities ranging from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neurolinguistic Programming, Trauma processing, and everything that came in between.

Her learning experiences were enough for her to be self-healed. She trained her subconscious mind to overcome any limiting beliefs and recognize outdated perceptions. After experiencing an immense change in her life, Thais made a vow to herself that she would distribute her knowledge to others.

From that day onwards, there was no looking back. Her determination and passion for helping others led to the founding of Gibson Integrated Attachment TheoryTM, which is now a renowned theory in the personal development field. Integrated Attachment TheoryTM answers all the queries related to subconscious beliefs, how to uproot them, and how to reprogram them to serve your daily life.

She is currently an internationally recognized best-selling author, coach, co-founder of PDS: The Personal Development School. She has worked with thousands of individuals to empower them in their lives, relationships, and careers.

Gibson Integrated Attachment TheoryTM, which is a prevalent tool in The Personal Development School and produces great results in those that study it. This theory expands greatly upon traditional Attachment Theory, which explores how early childhood experiences affect adulthood relationships to others and oneself. Thais combines this information with core wounds or negative beliefs within the subconscious mind and illustrates how the subconscious can perpetuate negative patterns in the career, relationships, and emotional well-being. She then provides the tools one needs to update their subconscious mind to create a healthier and more harmonious life.

Thais Gibson’s proclivity to help people in every area of their life is commendable. A high-spirited individual with goals to make the world a better living place is exactly what humanity needs right now!

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